6 Digital Pain Points Impacting the Hospitality Industry

How a Smart Digital Strategy Can Help Overcome Digital Pitfalls

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Difficulty sharing information and data across disparate systems
  • Costly and time-consuming training for (often) high-turnover staff
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage in a highly saturated industry
  • Engaging mobile-first guests
  • Providing access to connectivity at scale
  • Creating authentic, personalized experiences that resonate with your customers

If so… we have good news! Technology can assist in resolving many of the common pain points you experience in your daily operations. Solve these problems, and you’re exponentially closer to delivering on a truly exceptional guest experience.

Overcoming data silos

The data silo problem occurs when various teams at the same property use different systems that do not allow the cross-channel sharing of information. Data silos can limit communication and collaboration, create inefficiencies, hog storage space, and slow down overall efficiency.

When guest data remains trapped within a silo, not only does the guest experience suffer, but so does the ability to use that data effectively for business, communications, and marketing. To gain deeper insight into your guests’ preferences and what they want, you must implement technology that allows data to be easily shared. This allows you to more easily personalize service, improve the guest experience, and make better business decisions.

Training staff 

Using multiple software systems at your property means ensuring your staff is properly trained on each one. Implementing a single end-to-end platform or integrated solutions makes training, utilizing, and optimizing that tech much more straightforward. Look to solutions and platforms that emphasize ease of use and a clean staff interface, as these solutions typically require little training and provide a better user experience.

Maintaining a competitive advantage

From a marketing perspective, there are many ways integrated technology can help you maintain a competitive advantage. Be smarter about reaching your guests by sending timely, targeted offers in real-time, and you’ll see guest engagement spike.

A competitive advantage can further be achieved through increased operational efficiency. Streamline your company’s internal processes by using a back-office dashboard that allows you to organize and manage information in one central location. Whether you choose a single platform or a combination of systems that complement each other, incorporating solutions that allow information and data to congregate in one place will help you streamline operations and enhance guest interactions. Your employees will be more efficient and internal processes more effective.

how hospitality technology solves digital pain points impacting the industry

Providing a quality mobile experience

Most consumers are accustomed to using smartphones for just about everything. Mobile and in-room technologies help enhance the guest experience by allowing mobile check-in/out and digital payments. Guests can access their guest rooms using their phone as a mobile key, which allows them to avoid the front desk altogether. Providing access to mobile technology does away with front desk friction, which can be a major pain point for most hoteliers. A customized mobile app can also be used to integrate with existing loyalty programs to encourage repeat business and brand loyalty.

Creating connectivity at scale

Consistent and reliable connectivity is a continuous challenge. Properties must provide ever-increasing bandwidth, as well as performance, reliability, and security that allows for constant digital communication, for both staff and guests. Your property must have enough bandwidth to capture guest data and support your cloud-based, back-office dashboard.


86 percent of travelers value personalized offers, particularly those that make them feel like a unique and valued individual rather than just a number in a ledger. To create this kind of feeling requires effective use of your guests’ data and shared preferences to enhance their overall experience.

Navigating the digital world can be challenging for hoteliers that are already juggling multiple tasks and projects. By investing in technology that helps connect you and your staff to your guests, you can simultaneously address these common digital pain points and elevate your guests’ experience.

INTELITY is the broadest platform available to seamlessly connect service industry workforces directly to its customers. If you’d like to learn more about how our complete end-to-end platform can help you address the digital pain points you’re currently experiencing, contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

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