A New Update on COVID-19

From INTELITY CEO Robert Stevenson

Since my last update over two months ago, the world and the hospitality industry have drastically changed. As we start to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, I want to share a new update on behalf of the INTELITY team.

Over the past many weeks through this crisis, we have been fully operational and in regular contact with our customers, and we are seeing our portfolio of hotels carefully re-opening. Similar to the data being reported by the brand leaders, along with the key data sources for the industry, around 50% of hotels within the INTELITY family have reopened in June. While we continue to be concerned about the health of staff and guests, we are thrilled to see the progress our resilient industry has made in pre-planning and implementing safe, clean environments and enhanced re-opening processes. These steps will make a massive difference in traveler perception and trust as we advance into the summer season for the Northern Hemisphere.

As mentioned in my previous correspondence, our teams here at INTELITY have been fully functional. Still, I’m pleased to share that our offices are beginning to open back up, and we are carefully bringing key team members back into the office and the field. As we adjust to our new normal, our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible service remains. Our teams across Customer Success, Technical Support, and Implementations are available at all hours.

As a part of the re-opening across our portfolio, we have been busy working on best practices for implementing a contactless guest experience by optimizing the use of the mobile features our platform offers. Mobile check-in/out, mobile key, and mobile dining are just some of the key features that have been a top priority for customers, and we’re happy to offer the most advanced solutions available for a truly contactless guest experience. If you’re looking for more comprehensive details regarding our contactless mobile capabilities, have questions about our mobile features, or just want to chat, contact us now.

These are challenging times for the travel and hospitality sector, but as I mentioned previously, we’re proud of the speed and attention our industry has dedicated to putting safety first and tackling what the future guest experience will look like. At INTELITY, we will continue to do our part by supporting our hotelier customers in their time of need.

Be well, be safe, and let’s continue to look out for each other, even as this crisis wanes.

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Download the One-Sheet

For additional information about our Mobile Check-In solution, download the PDF one-sheet after filling out this short form.