Hotel Guests Stream Their Mobile Content to TVs with New Integration from Intelity and Guest-tek™


Intelity and Guest-tek have announced a new integration that allows hotels to offer guests the ability to stream media content from their mobile devices to guestroom TVs.

The integration uses technology from Guest-tek which permits hotel guests to use Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) platform to pair a smartphone or tablet with any guestroom TV. If there are multiple in-room TVs, guests can specify which one they would like to stream to.

Guests have the choice of using either their personal mobile devices or complementary in-room tablets provided by the hotel, depending on the property. The integration will initially only be available for use on iOS devices.

Intelity is the only company in the guest service technology space to offer this integration. The company has long provided access to hotel guest services on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and computers. The announcement of this integration comes as hotels continue to see an increasing number of guests arrive at the property with their own devices, looking for ways to use these to engage and exert greater control over their stay.

Intelity President and CEO David Adelson said, “We are so excited to be providing this feature to our clients in the hospitality industry. Mobile technology is playing a significant role in developments within this industry, and our company has long aimed to assist hotels in making sure that they are not only able to keep up but also to stay ahead of the curve. This technology could completely revolutionize the way guests are able to interact with in-room technology and will add major value to their overall experience.”

“Guest’s mobile devices are more and more becoming an important part of their stay,” says Arnon Levy, CEO of Guest-tek. “This integration allows them to use their personal devices in new ways, creating a truly interactive in-room experience.