Intelity Releases Introductory Mobile Hotel Platform for 21st-Century Travelers


Intelity the first company to make hotel guest services available on guestroom tablets and on guests’ personal connected devices, is pleased to announce the availability of Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) guest service platform through the hosted MICROS Commerce Platform™ (MCP).

MCP is a cloud-based, next-generation system interface that marks the first time local, content and e-commerce systems have fully integrated into the hospitality space. With MCP, hotels, restaurants and retail businesses can integrate with a number of select solutions through a single management module.

Intelity is one of the first MCP-certified partners to be announced, making its ICE guest service software now readily available to MICROS clients. ICE was the first platform to allow hotels to offer a complete set of guest services through mobile devices and continues to be the most widely used on any device, including smart-phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs, in the world.

Intelity President and CEO David Adelson said, “This announcement signifies an incredible opportunity for the industry as a whole. ICE has long been recognized as an unrivaled solution for guest services, and by seamlessly integrating with another leader in hospitality technology, we’re able to offer its benefits to an entirely new segment of the industry.

“Clients can enjoy a higher level of quality in both guest-facing and operational technologies, and it’s these benefits for our clients that drive our company to continue to prioritize integration with other innovative solutions, with more than 40 certified, discrete integrations already complete and many more in development,” Adelson said.

About Intelity

Intelity, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is the creator of the world’s first and most widely used integrated guest services platform, ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™). With over 40 certified integrations to hotels’ back-end management systems, Intelity’s ICE is a centralized property-automation system that delivers concierge-level services, guest request tracking and fulfillment, business intelligence analytics, marketing, and messaging capabilities, and a full content management system. Since beginning operations in 2007, Intelity has gained a reputation as a leader in hospitality technology with the installation of ICE in hotels across six continents, including most major brands and many celebrated independent properties. For more information, please call 1-888-RevPAR-1 (1-888-738-7271).