All I Want for Christmas is a White Label App


Whether smaller hotels should develop an app or not is still up for debate, but white label products are one solution, writes Andrew Hennigan.

For hotel chains that can spread the cost over hundreds of properties, investing in technology like mobile apps is less of a problem, but for independent hotels and resorts developing a secure, user-friendly app from scratch is prohibitive.

Now they don’t have to thanks to the widespread availability of white label apps from companies like Appy Hotel in Hong Kong, Fingi in New York and Intelity in Florida that can be customized and branded so that they appear to be the hotel’s own app.

Initially, these branded apps offered the most basic functions like online booking, but now they include more advanced big-chain features like mobile check-in and even keyless entry to rooms.

London’s Eccleston Square Hotel, an independent boutique hotel known for its pioneering approach to technology was an early adopter of branded mobile apps. It chose Intelity’s Mobile platform for guest services. In this case, the reason for adopting a mobile app was a better service.