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INTELITY Helping Hotels Boost Guest Satisfaction Scores with its ICEapp and ICEbedside Tablets

A study shows hotels adding mobile tablets to guestrooms can boost satisfaction by 47 points and those featuring a mobile app can drive approval ratings by 58 points

2018 is shaping up to be a pretty good year. A recent article published by Lodging magazine reports that “across the board, hotels are making their guests happier than ever.” Citing results from a newly released J.D. Power 2018 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index study, “overall satisfaction for the industry increased eight points to 825 on a 1,000-point scale.” Guestroom technology is one contributing factor to hotel-stay happiness. A significant finding in this study, Lodging reports, is that guest satisfaction can rise by as much as 47 points when a hotel provides an in-room tablet. Hotels offering a mobile app can achieve a 58-point approval increase.

INTELITY has always been a forward-looking company,” said David Adelson, INTELITY chief executive officer. “Back in 2010, we were the first hospitality company to introduce a guest-service mobile app and an in-room tablet. These tools make it possible for travelers to engage with a hotel before, during and after their stays. It’s gratifying to see that these mobile technologies continue to drive guest satisfaction. Both the mobile guest app and in-room tablets are growing in demand daily across the globe for their ability to keep hoteliers connected to their guests, and vice versa.

“Our customers tell us that their guests appreciate INTELITY’s mobile app and in-room tablets because both provide an efficient way to interact with the hotel,” Adelson said. “As operators, they enjoy being able to offer the conveniences of technology without compromising their high standards of service. Today, 90% of guests are using ICEbedside when provided, of whom 75% are using it to order room service. On average, customers report that checks have increased by 12% from upselling through the digital in-room dining menu presented on INTELITY’s in-room tablets.”

Early Adopter Says ICE is Nice

When Stephen Johnston, managing director and general manager of the Boston Harbor Hotel, heard about the mobile guest app after its initial launch, he said he was skeptical. From increased revenue and guest satisfaction to a stronger ability to communicate with hotel guests, it sounded too good to be true. Understanding the growing importance for weaving technology into the guest experience, Johnson and his hotel’s management team knew that hospitality technology was no longer a “nice to have,” but rather a “must have.”

“When INTELITY was first presented to me years ago, I was intrigued because at the time the Boston Harbor Hotel did not fully utilize technology, and we were looking for new ways to do so,” Johnston said. “After installing INTELITY’s in-room tablets and launching the mobile guest app, any doubts have more than dissipated. The numerous benefits realized through the use of the platform surpassed expectations.

“We listen to our guests a lot and value their feedback,” he said. “We’re very engaged as a Forbes Five-Star hotel. Since we added the hotel tablets to the rooms, I have received so many positive comments from our guests. Guests appreciate this new and efficient way to interact with the hotel, and we enjoy being able to offer the conveniences of technology without compromising our high standards of service.”

Johnston said about 80 percent to 90 percent of guests use the mobile guest app and in-room tablets as the primary method of placing requests and communicating with hotel staff. Both tools offer a new interactive guest experience. In addition, in-room print costs have decreased by 90 percent.

Satisfaction Spreading Across the Globe

INTELITY’s guest technology is also enabling the Rancho Santana in Nicaragua to more efficiently share and update information about on-site activities, amenities, events, pricing and marketing promotions. Resort guests and residence owners are receiving important notifications without stopping by the front desk.

“With the mobile app and in-room tablets, we have one space we can constantly keep updated and don’t constantly waste so much paper,” said Stephanie Judge, the hotel’s marketing and administrative specialist. “Guests really like being able to see the information and not have to come to the concierge to get it. Because our property is so large, it might be a drive for a guest to get to the concierge. Instead, they can just pull up information right on the in-room tablet or their phone.”

Rancho Santana’s staff are also benefiting from these mobile guest-satisfaction and engagement tools. Receiving guest requests directly through the Request Manager module of INTELITY’s back-end system has increased accuracy, as staff is no longer required to manually record requests. Members of staff also don’t have to field as many questions from guests about basic information that is now entirely housed on the in-room tablets and app.

“Since implementing these INTELITY technologies, I stayed at a 5-star luxury hotel in Orlando and was able to experience the mobile guest app and in-room tablets as a guest,” Judge said. “It was cool to see that our coastal hotel is in the same league as other prestigious 5-star properties as far as being progressive with technology. It was fun to see other creative ways to use this technology to improve the guest experience and I have new ideas for how we can use it in the future.”

Intelity Solutions Helping Hotels Achieve Higher AAA Diamond Ratings

Recent updates to AAA Diamond Rating Guidelines reflect the importance of connecting travelers and hoteliers via mobile technologies such as mobile apps, mobile keys, and mobile concierge

AAA has revised its Approval Requirements and Diamond Rating Guidelines to now “reflect the importance of connective technologies that allow guests and lodging operators to interact on an increasingly personalized basis.” What this means to hoteliers looking for a higher AAA Diamond Rating is they will now be expected to connect their guests to hotel staff and services by smartphones and tablets and keep them engaged via mobile apps, mobile keys, and mobile concierge services.

Here are a few ratings criteria that AAA inspectors will be looking for when reviewing property technologies:

  • Guest Services Category – Guest service is available by alternate means (digital application, texting, in-room device)
  • In-Room Dining – Service number is answered within three rings, or instant access is available through other device/system
  • Check-Out Services – Alternative check-out methods are available (mobile/online/in-room device)

“As developer of the world’s first and most widely used integrated guest-services platform, Intelity’s award-winning Interactive Customer Experience™(ICE) technology is equipping hotels with the guest-facing tools they need to improve their AAA Diamond Rating,” said David Adelson, Intelity CEO. “ICEapp, ICEweb, ICElobby, and ICEbedside are giving guests fingertip connectivity to the hotel along every step of their journey, from the moment reservations are made till long after travelers check out. By giving guests direct digital access to request things like room service, housekeeping or wake-up calls, hoteliers are revolutionizing and personalizing the guest experience.”

Connective Technology & Lodging Approval Requirement

To be classified as a “Distinguished” hotel and achieve a 3-Diamond rating, hotels much provide wireless Internet access throughout the property and include an additional connectivity option, such as a mobile device available for check-in/out.

A “Refined” hotel with a 4-Diamond rating must provide superior Internet speed and capacity throughout the property, must support remote guest-service access through mobile devices PLUS offer one additional technology feature, such as mobile key access.

The “Ultimate Luxury” classification for a 5-Diamond hotel rating requires “leading-edge technology” and must provide advanced guest connectivity capability across all guest interactions including front-desk, bell service, concierge, maintenance, food and beverage, housekeeping, and recreation, PLUS the hotel must offer one additional technology feature, such as mobile key access.

“Intelity has developed the guest services technologies that AAA inspectors are looking for to allow guests and lodging operators to interact on an increasingly personalized basis,” Adelson said. “Our MiKEY module facilitates Mobile Check-in, Mobile Check-out, and Mobile Key functionality. When guests download the hotel’s mobile app onto their devices of choice, as long as the app is powered by Intelity, they can book a hotel, check-in remotely, skip the traditional front-desk check in and use their smart device to securely unlock their room door. Even more exciting, our new ICEvoice virtual concierge solution enables guests to make service requests, adjust room controls or listen to music with just a few simple voice commands.

“We encourage any hotel looking for innovative, fun and interactive ways to improve their AAA Diamond rating to reach out to Intelity,” he said. “We’ve got the tools needed to connect hoteliers to guests, thereby serving them better than ever before. You don’t have to be a luxury hotel to offer AAA 5-Diamond service. All you need is Intelity.”

Intelity to Showcase Mobile, In-Room Solutions at HITEC Amsterdam

Mobile apps for service delivery, check-in/out and room keys, plus in-room solutions that engage guests via tablets, mobile devices, and AI voice commands, will be on display in Booth #166, April 11 to 13 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Next week Intelity will showcase its award-winning mobile and in-room technologies at HITEC Amsterdam. For the first time, European hoteliers will have the opportunity to experience Intelity’s new ICEvoice solution that enables guests to use voice commands for requesting services and controlling the in-room environment, including lighting, drapery, and temperature. In addition, attendees can engage with Intelity’s mobile apps that bring hotel services to guests’ fingertips, facilitate mobile check-in/out, and even turn travelers’ smartphones into room keys. These technologies and many others will be on display in Booth #166 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center, April 11 to 13.

“Intelity has been making a lot of noise in North America, introducing new technologies and announcing installations from coast to coast,” said Gregg Hopkins, Intelity chief sales and marketing officer. “We are eager to be exhibiting at HITEC Amsterdam so that we can make even more noise in the European hotel market. The solutions we are showcasing were developed to meet hoteliers’ operations needs and guests’ demand for more personalized services.”

Here are just a few of the solutions that HITEC Amsterdam attendees will experience:

  • ICEbedside that places in-room tablets on nightstands to give guests fingertip access to hotel services while in the room.
  • ICE Mobile Dining provides an out-of-room dining experience for guests using their mobile device while they stay at the hotel.
  • MiKEY Mobile Check-in/out + Mobile Key that integrates with Bluetooth Low Energy locks to turn a guest’s smartphone into a room key.
  • Wrangler Mobile Device Manager that enables hoteliers to manage on-premises mobile devices such as tablets and TVs used by guests and staff.
  • Mercury Unified Messaging Portal that enables guests to place requests with hotel staff via the messaging channel they choose, whether it be SMS text or social media.

“Intelity is bringing guest engagement to one platform,” Hopkins said. “Our solutions work on all devices, raising the convenience level several notches for guests and hoteliers alike. Our digital tools make it easy for hoteliers to manage guest services and requests that give management and staff a range of capabilities. We encourage anyone looking to enhance guests’ experiences to visit Intelity in Booth #166 at HITEC Amsterdam. We’ve got modules that meet the needs of every hotel segment, brand affiliation, and budget.”

Del Lago Resort & Casino is Engaging Guests with Intelity

With nearly 10,000 engagements each month, guests of the Finger Lakes destination are interacting with Intelity’s mobile app and placing requests daily via in-room tablets

The Del Lago Resort & Casino is proof that the right mobile app will drive guest engagement and revenues. Since opening the hotel in July, which includes a European-style Spa and a 3,700-square-foot banquet facility, guests are initiating approximately 10,000 engagements a month with the property through the Intelity’s custom mobile app and in-room tablets. Analytics show that people are looking at resort and casino information daily via the app, and as a result, more than $25,000 in additional room service revenue has already been generated.

“The Del Lago Resort & Casino is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology,” said Del Lago’s Crystal Paolelli. “We believe strongly in the digital guest experience, which includes offering a mobile app so guests have easy access to information everywhere during their stay, and keeping that app front-and-center in guestrooms. With in-room tablets strategically located on nightstands, we are making it extremely convenient for people to order room service, request valet service, ask housekeeping for an extra pillow, make a restaurant reservation, schedule a treatment and much more. The in-room tablets give guests control some of the in-room technologies, like lights and the TV.”

“Before the hotel opened, we researched several mobile app developers and found the Intelity guest service platform to be the easiest to navigate and use; plus, it has the most integrations with our existing property systems,” she said. “We also like that Intelity’s in-room tablets are streamlined; there’s no clutter, just convenience. It’s a nice fit with our design aesthetic. Guests love it, and they are using it throughout their stay.”

Located at 1133 State Route 414 in Waterloo, N.Y., the Del Lago Resort & Casino features a 94,000-square-foot casino, 205 guestrooms/suites, a 24-hour fitness center, and business center. The property also features multiple restaurants, including Portico by Fabio Viviani, a French Quarter-inspired Farmers Market Buffet, the Centrifico bar, a 4,200 square-foot food court.

“The Del Lago Resort & Casino is the gateway to the Finger Lakes region,” said Gregg Hopkins, Intelity chief sales and marketing officer. “It’s a Las Vegas style venue in every way – especially the investment in guest-facing technology. We are honored that Del Lago is so pleased with the Intelity mobile app and in-room tablets. Whether guests are looking for basic property information or they want to use the device as an alarm clock, to listen to hundreds of international radio stations, check the local weather or change the atmosphere of the room, Intelity is just a touch away. By combining the luxury of Del Lago with Intelity’s engagement tools, guests are happy and more likely to return again and again.”

Intelity Development Efforts Align with Industry Demands

Study shows the technologies that hoteliers will be investing in the most in 2018 are those found in the Intelity Guest Service Platform

As hoteliers continue to cautiously increase IT budgets and place a higher priority on digital guest engagement in 2018, according to Hospitality Technology’s 2018 Lodging Technology Study, Intelity continues to develop new tools to meet hoteliers’ and guests’ demands. The developer of the world’s first and most widely used integrated guest services platform will showcase its ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) platform at HT-NEXT in San Diego, March 12 to 14. Of keen interest to attendees will be Intelity’s new voice solution (formerly called Voice Request) that uses Amazon’s Alexa to enable hotel guests to talk to their room with voice-activated commands.

This voice solution was developed in direct response to the industry’s demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and voice-enabled devices. The study asked hoteliers to identify which emerging technologies had the greatest potential to effect change in the industry. Seventy percent said AI and voice technology will deliver the most benefits because it “ties back to the hyper-focus hotels are placing on getting customer lifecycle data.” Also in the study, Gartner reports that “by 2021, early adopter brands that redesign websites to support voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%.”

Intelity’s voice solution, which is in the running for the HTNG 2018 TechOvations Award and will be presented by Intelity at HT-NEXT, acts as a virtual concierge, enabling guests to make requests, adjust room controls and more all with just a few simple voice commands. Voice Request also extends the power of voice command to the conference space. Meeting planners can conduct business with a constant connection to their staff through the tool. Voice Request examples in the meetings environment include: “Tell the hotel that we would like more coffee,” “Tell the hotel that we would like more water,” or “Tell the hotel that we need more chairs.”

“Each time new industry research is released, Intelity finds its solutions are perfectly aligned with industry demand generators,” said Gregg Hopkins, Intelity chief sales and marketing officer. “Although voice technology is just making inroads in hospitality, it’s eye-opening to see that nearly three-quarters of hoteliers surveyed already see it having a profound impact on guest service and engagement. Voice is just one technology identified by this study that is perfectly aligned with our solutions. Several others have been on the market for some time and quickly making traction as demand arises.”

According to the study, 19% of hoteliers’ plan to add a “personal concierge via mobile devices” this year. Soon, Intelity will announce the first voice roll out at two hotels that are part of an international brand of luxury hotels and resorts. Intelity’s voice solution is now live as part of the brand’s mobile concierge program.

Mobile & Personalized Marketing

The 2018 Lodging Technology Study also shows that 57% of hoteliers’ plan to invest in technologies that “empower guests with mobile and personalized marketing experiences.” One of the best ways to engage today’s travelers is through a mobile app. The research shows that 39% of hoteliers’ plan to add or upgrade their existing customer mobile app in 2018, and 19% will invest in in-room tablets.

Intelity not only develops customer-facing mobile apps via ICEapp for hotels, but its in-room tablets solution maximizes a hotels connection to their guests through a mobile tablet. In-room tablets provide guests with greater control by giving direct digital access to hotel staff to request room service, housekeeping or set wake-up calls and the ability to set room preferences, revolutionizing a personalized guest experience.

Mobile Check-In/Out + Mobile Key

An in-demand feature of today’s mobile hotel apps is enabling check-in/out and allowing guests to use their smartphones as mobile room keys. Forty-eight percent of survey participants said they plan to invest in a mobile app that facilitates mobile check-in/out, and 23 percent plan to invest in a mobile app that supports a mobile key.

The custom Intelity mobile app enables the Mobile Check-in, Mobile Check-out, and Mobile Key functionality that today’s hoteliers are looking for. Presented as a mobile app that is downloaded on a smart device (phone or tablet), guests can book a hotel, check-in remotely, skip the traditional front-desk check in and use their smart device to securely unlock their room door. Mobile key integrates with a hotel’s existing Bluetooth Low Energy door locks to streamline the check-in experience. The transmitted key code is safely stored in a key vault on the mobile app. When a guest arrives at his or her room door, they touch the mobile key icon within the app, and their personal digital key information is transmitted via Bluetooth over a secure communication channel to unlock the door.

“Intelity is fully entrenched in the mobile hospitality landscape,” Hopkins said. “We are listening to what hoteliers want and developing tools that guests need to enrich their stays and keep them coming back. As technology continues to dictate the experience guests expect and demand, Intelity stands ready to equip hoteliers with the tools they need to deliver on those experiences.”

Powered by Intelity, the Forbes Travel Guide ‘Verified Summit’ App is Now LIVE on the App Store and Google Play

As the ‘Official Mobile and Technology Provider of Forbes Travel Guide,’ Intelity develops a digital brochure for the 2018 Star Award Winners celebration in Beverly Hills

Forbes Travel Guide 2018 Star Award Winners will convene in Beverly Hills next week for “Verified: The Forbes Travel Guide Luxury Summit” to celebrate their recognition as one of the world’s finest Five-Star and Four-Star hotels. Also in attendance will be Forbes Travel Guide’s 2018 Brand Officials, the top service and amenity providers for each segment of the hospitality industry. To help navigate the event, attendees are encouraged to download “Verified Summit,” a mobile app powered by Intelity. Available in the App Store and Google Play, “Verified Summit” serves as a digital brochure providing schedules, speaker specifics, local area information, Brand Officials’ details and more. Intelity is the “Official Mobile and Technology Provider” of Forbes Travel Guide.

“We are proud to have Intelity as the Official Mobile and Technology Provider of Forbes Travel Guide,” said Gerard J. Inzerillo, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide. “INTELITY’s technology allows hotels to have immediate communication with guests through their mobile phone or an in-room device. Through innovation and listening to guests, the company devised a way to make communication easy and efficient, which results in more effective service. And more effective service enables hotels to create more memorable guest experiences.”

The two-day summit, to be held February 27 and 28 at The Beverly Hilton, will commence with a reception and dinner. Day two will feature a discussion on the latest developments from Forbes Travel Guide and commentary from dynamic panelists discussing their insight and inspiration from luminaries in the luxury market. It will conclude with a cocktail party featuring the finest local cuisine, celebrity chefs and live entertainment.

“We are incredibly proud to be the established leader in hospitality engagement technology delivering the highest quality, most innovative, and integrated Guest Services Platform for use on multiple mobile and in-room devices,” said David Adelson, Intelity CEO. “As the Brand Official for mobile and technology, we were honored to design the Verified Summit app. It’s an easy to use, highly relevant source of information that is responsive on all devices. We look forward to networking at this event and celebrating the world’s best hotels supported by the industry’s best suppliers.”