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Powered by Intelity, the Forbes Travel Guide ‘Verified Summit’ App is Now LIVE on the App Store and Google Play

As the ‘Official Mobile and Technology Provider of Forbes Travel Guide,’ Intelity develops a digital brochure for the 2018 Star Award Winners celebration in Beverly Hills

Forbes Travel Guide 2018 Star Award Winners will convene in Beverly Hills next week for “Verified: The Forbes Travel Guide Luxury Summit” to celebrate their recognition as one of the world’s finest Five-Star and Four-Star hotels. Also in attendance will be Forbes Travel Guide’s 2018 Brand Officials, the top service and amenity providers for each segment of the hospitality industry. To help navigate the event, attendees are encouraged to download “Verified Summit,” a mobile app powered by Intelity. Available in the App Store and Google Play, “Verified Summit” serves as a digital brochure providing schedules, speaker specifics, local area information, Brand Officials’ details and more. Intelity is the “Official Mobile and Technology Provider” of Forbes Travel Guide.

“We are proud to have Intelity as the Official Mobile and Technology Provider of Forbes Travel Guide,” said Gerard J. Inzerillo, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide. “INTELITY’s technology allows hotels to have immediate communication with guests through their mobile phone or an in-room device. Through innovation and listening to guests, the company devised a way to make communication easy and efficient, which results in more effective service. And more effective service enables hotels to create more memorable guest experiences.”

The two-day summit, to be held February 27 and 28 at The Beverly Hilton, will commence with a reception and dinner. Day two will feature a discussion on the latest developments from Forbes Travel Guide and commentary from dynamic panelists discussing their insight and inspiration from luminaries in the luxury market. It will conclude with a cocktail party featuring the finest local cuisine, celebrity chefs and live entertainment.

“We are incredibly proud to be the established leader in hospitality engagement technology delivering the highest quality, most innovative, and integrated Guest Services Platform for use on multiple mobile and in-room devices,” said David Adelson, Intelity CEO. “As the Brand Official for mobile and technology, we were honored to design the Verified Summit app. It’s an easy to use, highly relevant source of information that is responsive on all devices. We look forward to networking at this event and celebrating the world’s best hotels supported by the industry’s best suppliers.”


Oregon’s Newest Beachfront Hotel Opens with Intelity

The Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa is giving guests direct access to hotel services and information via its mobile app and bedside tablets powered by Intelity

When the Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa opened its doors last month in Pacific City, Oregon, Intelity was there powering the property’s mobile app and providing direct access to property information. Equipped with the Intelity Guest Service Platform, Headlands is enabling its guests to control their experiences and engage with the Lodge and Spa from their mobile devices even before they arrive on property. Once checked in, the custom mobile app can also be accessed via Intelity in-room tablets.

“Intelity is enabling us to touch our guests and communicate with them in the most effective way possible,” said Jennifer Nelson, Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa General Manager. “Our mobile app equips guests with service information they would not otherwise know about, and the in-room tablets add another touch point to reach guests and keep them engaged.”

The Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa mobile app, available for download on Google Play or the App Store, provides complete Lodge and Spa information. Guests can also get details on the Meridian Restaurant & Bar, Tidepools Spa & Wellness, local and Lodge events, adventure packages and more. Intelity in-room tablets maximize the guest’s connection to hotel staff as an in-room solution via a tablet. The tablet dashboard also features a modern alarm clock and an audio component that enables guests to listen to 100+ international radio stations.

“Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa is the first luxury hotel on the Oregon coast to open in over a decade,” said Gregg Hopkins, Intelity chief sales and marketing officer. “Every element of Headlands is designed with guests’ comfort and choices in mind. The Intelity Guest Service Platform helps guests make the most of their travel experiences through one-touch access to anything they may need or want to know about. This service showcases Headland’s commitment to delivering the highest levels of guest service in the mobile solution guests appreciate most. We’re thrilled to add Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa to our growing portfolio of customers.”

Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa is located at 33000 Cape Kiwanda Dr., between Pacific City’s beachfront Pelican Brewing Company and Cape Kiwanda Natural Area. The property features 33 lodge guestrooms and 18 cottages, each with a balcony and ocean view. Private meeting rooms are available for small groups, weddings or corporate events. The Meridian Restaurant & Bar serves innovative Northwest cuisine in an open kitchen, with menus sourced from the sea and local farms. Tidepools Spa & Wellness features massage and treatment rooms, steam rooms, shower and changing spaces, and a workout area with free weights, treadmills and elliptical machines. Indoor and outdoor exercise options are available.

About Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa

The Nestucca Ridge Family of Companies, founded in Pacific City, Oregon, in 1990, is a group of organically grown businesses including Pelican Brewing Company, one of Oregon’s fastest-growing craft beer brands. Headlands is locally owned and owner-operated, employing 60 people from Pacific City and the surrounding area.

Intelity Adds Mobile F&B Delivery App to ICE Platform

As a new feature in the ICE v4.2, guests’ can now have mobile orders brought to their location when they are not in their room.

Intelity is unveiling a new custom store in its award-winning guest service platform, called ICE: Mobile Dining. ICE: Mobile Dining will provide an out-of-room dining experience for guests using their mobile device while they stay at the hotel. Browsing through the Mobile Dining menu, guests select beverage or food items and specify their location (poolside cabana, beach chair, etc.) using manual entry, NFC Tag or a QR code. The order is then fulfilled by the kitchen or bar and delivered to the guest by an expeditor.

“Intelity’s new Mobile Dining app creates a more efficient ordering environment for a hotel’s poolside or beachside restaurant,” said David Adelson, Intelity president and CEO. “This feature cuts labor time in half by eliminating the need to walk out to get an order and then come back to place it in the hotel’s system. Our robust notifications will alert hotel staff when an order is placed, so they will not miss a revenue opportunity while increasing operational efficiencies.”

Location, Location, Location

A tutorial is built inside the Mobile Dining store to walk guests through the ordering process. Guests can click “Help” to view the tutorial or they can scroll through a carousel of images to instruct them on how they can enter their location.

  • Manual Entry — Guests text their location (Chair 432, Cabana 32, Chair left of the entrance) to receive their order. The application automatically saves the guests’ previous location to make ordering addition items a breeze.
  • NFC Tags — This inexpensive and easy-to-implement ordering method enables guests to place their NFC-equipped phone next to the NFC Tag to detect the order location.
  • QR Codes — The device’s camera will scan the QR code to make the location known.

Intelity will work with each hotel on determining the most efficient way to install the Mobile Dining system.

“Our customers have been asking us to develop a mobile ordering experience that their guests can engage with outside of their rooms,” Adelson said. “Our development team went to work incorporating feedback and requests from several hoteliers with remote outlets. We are pleased to announce that the new Intelity ICE: Mobile Dining system is now LIVE and ready to deploy to any property looking to capture revenues, boost guest engagement, increase satisfaction and drive loyalty.”

Intelity Continues Strong Growth Trajectory with New Customers in 2017

Millennial travel is contributing to the demand for Intelity’s technologies

Intelity, the creator of the world’s first and most widely used integrated Guest Services Platform, is announcing continued record-setting performance and growth, deploying its solutions at properties that include hotels, resorts, and casinos throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

“There are several factors contributing to the continued growth and success of Intelity, the main one being our commitment to ongoing research and development of new technologies,” said David Adelson, Intelity president and CEO. “We listen closely to our customers to ensure that our solutions are meeting their needs and the demands of their guests. Millennials are a huge segment of travelers and are having a major impact on the hotel industry – especially when it comes to technology adoption.

“One of the biggest challenges in selling to Millennials is communication,” Adelson said. “Each person in this demographic seems to have his or her own preferred way of communicating and receiving information from a hotel; some prefer email, others text messages, and still others phone calls. Intelity’s mobile solutions are helping travelers overcome limitations of the Internet, and they are supporting this do-it-yourself generation throughout their stays, from enabling guests to control the room environment (thermostat, lighting, drapes) via in-room tablets to unlocking their rooms doors via smartphone.”

Studies Show Technology is King

According to the 4th edition Egencia Business Travel and Technology Survey (2017), travelers are looking to technology to make the corporate travel journey more productive and manageable. The report shows 66 percent of business travelers want to manage their business travel on every mobile device, not just on their smartphone. Additionally, 50 percent of global respondents would avoid human interaction on the road unless they are having a problem, and 56 percent of global respondents simply want access to business travel tools to do more on mobile in general.

In its 2017 Portrait of American Travelers survey, MMGY Global reports that Millennial families – who rely on mobile technology for a DIY travel experience – are going to spend more and travel more in 2018 than all other generational segments. The study predicts that the 9.5 million households that are American Millennial families will spend 19 percent more on vacations during the next 12 months and intend to travel 35 percent more than the previous year. To support the demands of this demographic, hotels need to invest in the technologies their Millennial guests expect to use during their stays.

According to Hospitality Technology’s 2017 Customer Engagement Technology Study, 57 percent of hotel guests are expecting/demanding mobile check out (but only 24 percent of hotels provide it), 55 percent are expecting/demanding mobile check-in (but its only available at 35 percent of hotels), 54 percent of guests want to control the guestroom from a mobile device, and 45 percent of guests are expecting/demanding a mobile key be sent to their smartphones so they can bypass long lines at the front desk.

Intelity’s Complete Solution Suite

The Intelity platform is comprised of different modules to enable hoteliers to enhance the guest experience. The solutions suite makes it easy for hoteliers to manage guest services and requests with a set of digital tools that give management and staff a range of capabilities. Intelity’s product suite includes:

  • ICE, the hub of the Intelity Platform, our trademarked Interactive Customer System (“ICS”) back-end system, complete with an assortment of functionalities that serve to maximize ROI and allow immediate editing of all aspects of the guest-facing interface on either the organization’s website, in-room tablets or TV. Includes dynamic content management, hotel staff user accounts, and comprehensive business intelligence, marketing, and reporting tools on guest usage.
  • MERCURY, the staff-facing Unified Messaging Portal that allows the management of real-time guest communication from SMS & Facebook Messaging. Mercury works both within and outside the Intelity Platform and is most effective when paired with ICE, so hoteliers may be able to track requests and look guest information.
  • MiKEY, includes the components of the modern mobile guest journey – Mobile Check-in, Mobile Key and Mobile Check-out. Whether you enable “straight-to-room” options or require a stop by the front desk, MiKEY provides the tools you need to deliver mobility with sophistication.
  • EDISON, Intelity’s room controls interface, comes complete with an assortment of functionalities that provide guests the ability to easily manage lighting, thermostat, sheers & drapery, all from your Intelity Bedside tablet.
  • WRANGLER, is Intelity’s mobile device management system that was developed specifically for Intelity hotel devices. The purpose of Wrangler is to effectively and efficiently monitor in-room tablets in an environment that is easy-to-use and gives your staff the information that they need to ensure a smooth guest experience with the hotel’s digital compendium and guest services.

“Our solution suite continues to deliver outstanding results to hotels, resorts and casinos worldwide,” said Adelson said. “I am proud of our entire team, who work diligently not only to bring state-of-the-art technology to market but also to provide a consistently high level of support to our customers around the globe. It is a privilege to help properties achieve their full potential through our Guest Services Platform, and we are excited to welcome our newest clients to the Intelity family.”

Among the company’s recent implementations: 1 Hotel Brooklyn, Conrad Guangzhou, Couples Resorts, Del Lago Resort and Casino, Lodge Kohler, Hotel Eden Rome, UNICO Hotel Riviera, Crown Towers Perth, Skye Hotel Suites Parramatta, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and an enterprise mobile application for Hard Rock Hotels and Grupo Posadas. These world-renowned properties are using Intelity’s solutions to streamline operations, optimize revenue, and improve guest service response performance.

Intelity Cites 5 Benefits of Budgeting for Mobile Device Management in 2018

Mobile device management is fast becoming a major hospitality technology trend

With the hotel technology trend of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) among hotel guests and staff on the rise, the hospitality industry is finding that mobile device management (the administration of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, and desktop computers) for hotels is a necessary investment. More than half of all hotel guests will carry three or more devices with them while traveling, and you can bet that employees are also equipped with a variety of devices, from smartphones to laptops.

“We’ve entered the age of mobile hospitality, and all hoteliers must now be nimble enough to meet guests where they’re at, meaning, on devices that are capable of keeping them connected and informed anywhere in the world,” said Christopher Grey, Intelity CTO. “These mobile devices enable guests to manage the full, end-to-end travel experience, from the research phase to booking to the actual hotel stay. Features such as mobile key, mobile hotel check-in, digital maps, virtual concierge, and social media access have all made smartphones and hotel tablets invaluable to guests, while enterprise features such as digital guest request management and data views from integrated hotel systems have created demand for new hospitality technology among hotel staff as well.

“All these devices have created new demands for connected smart hotels that provide sufficient hotel networks, WiFi and security for all on premises,” he said. “It’s one of the leading hotel technology trends, and it promises to assist hoteliers in staying on top of hotel guest and staff BYOD.”

Here are 5 key reasons why hoteliers should add MDM to their 2018 budgets:

1. Remote Management of Devices

With more connected devices on your property than staff, MDM solutions assist in monitoring and managing these in a more efficient way. For instance, many hotels are now installing in-room tablets in guestrooms to improve guest service and engagement. Hotel MDM is the best way to easily get these up and running, as well as perform ongoing maintenance. Using MDM in hotels, devices on the network can be remote wiped or have diagnostics run for troubleshooting.

2. Regulation of Applications

Hotel apps are more popular than ever. Providing complimentary access to these apps on hotel tablets has become extremely popular in the hospitality industry. Using a hotel MDM solution, hotel management can select which apps they want to load or disable on devices across the network to create a superior digital staff and guest experience.

3. Data Protection and Backup

Data management using a hotel MDM solution can reduce the risk of costly incidents relating to exposure and breach. Hoteliers can use mobile device management to protect data and prevent leaks or wipe data completely from unauthorized user devices.

4. Expanded Security Features

Security of hotel digital networks and guest data is a top priority for many hoteliers, and there have been discussions about how to enhance hotel security when it comes to network use, especially from mobile devices. Hotel MDM use can allow for expansion of security measures, such as requiring authentication of all devices and active monitoring of registered devices. It can also allow for tracking the physical location of devices on the network to reduce hardware theft or loss.

5. Establishing Network Use Policies

Every hotel should have a policy in place regarding the use of any networks, and this policy should apply to staff and guests alike. A mobile device management solution can assist in enforcing and solidifying this policy by consolidating regulation in the hands of those overseeing the network. Useful features include defining WiFi settings, setting compliance guidelines, and optimizing the function of the network overall.


Intelity has recently designed an MDM to notify personnel when a mobile device – such as an in-room guest tablet or other handheld device used by staff – is online/offline, the battery is low, or the device has left the room or designated area. With the addition of the Wrangler MDM, Intelity customers now have a single platform for controlling the physical devices used to deliver two-way mobile communications to hotel staff and guests.

“Intelity continues to be a leader in this vertical by developing innovative solutions that complement our existing platform,” Grey said. “Wrangler is robust and contains the features hoteliers need for their environments, and it’s available to our customers as part of their SAAS (Software as a Service) fees. Not only will this MDM keep hotel staff and mobile devices working at peak performance, but by remotely viewing and controlling these technologies in real time, hoteliers are dramatically raising the bar on guest service and mobile engagement.”