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Enhance Your Guest Experience

Learn More About the SkyTouch & INTELITY integration!

SkyTouch is known for its innovative cloud-based property management system (PMS) that is accessible via mobile devices and is capable of managing properties of all sizes.

The cloud-to-cloud integration between the SkyTouch PMS and the INTELITY platform gives staff access to a comprehensive set of management tools that work in combination to provide an exceptional guest experience.

Forbes Travel Guide Brand Official
200,000 Rooms on the Platform
120+ Certified Integrations
93% Guest Engagement


Improve the guest & staff experience!

Are you ready to revolutionize your guest experience and overhaul your operations management by leveraging the SkyTouch + INTELITY integration? Schedule a demonstration with a member of our team to experience our platform first hand.

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Our platform is more than a series of devices, features, and integrations. It’s a complete solution to common pain points, created by hospitality professionals for hospitality professionals.

We’ve built a comprehensive system that addresses every step of the guest journey while streamlining everything on the back end so that your staff is able to focus on what really matters… your guests.

“Integrating with INTELITY using the SkyTouch /CONNECT technology will provide our customers’ staff with a simple and seamless management solution that elevates guest experience.”
Todd Davis
SkyTouch CEO