INTELITY + BlueIP Integration

Effective alternative to landline phones!

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BluIP and INTELITY Integration

Allow users to place external, guest-to-guest, and guest-to-staff wireless calls through in-room tablets!


By implementing this new integration, properties will have the availability to:

  • Replace outdated landline phones, which will help streamline and declutter guestrooms
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Provide carrier-grade communications from the back office into the guest room
  • Achieved via an app or custom branded interface
Forbes Travel Guide Brand Official
200,000 Rooms on the Platform
120+ Certified Integrations
93% Guest Engagement


Improve the guest & staff experience!

Are you ready to revolutionize your guest experience and overhaul your operations management by leveraging the BluIP + INTELITY integration?

The installation and support of the BluIP platform at the property level are provided by BluIP’s integration partner, Allbridge. To learn more about how you can implement this technology at your property, please fill out the form.

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