With over 10 years of experience providing the hospitality industry with some of the most advanced software and technology available, INTELITY has become the leader in guest experience and workstream automation.

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From Humble Beginnings

Founded by leaders with deep backgrounds in both hospitality and platform technologies, the company built successive tech iterations around key elements of the digital traveler’s journey.

A History of Innovation

These elements include many firsts including the first lobby guest-facing tablet system, the first digitized in-room service request system, the first hardware-agnostic Bluetooth mobile key solution, and the first out-of-the-box mobile app scalable to hotels of all shapes, sizes, and standards.

INTELITY Customer The Plaza Hotel New York

First Guest Services iPad Implementation

2010 at The Plaza Hotel New York

Our Mission

Our mission today remains much as was when we started on this journey more than a decade ago:

To provide our hotelier, residential, cruise, casino, and other customers with the most advanced guest experience platform available.

We provide a direct digital connection to guests, residents, and other end-users, while also supporting a suite of back-of-house workflow capabilities like ticketing, service recovery, and data intelligence. Though we have the guest and hospitality at heart, we are also not shy about our tech prowess. The INTELITY platform has been awarded a number of patents for the elegant technical solutions we have crafted.

Verified Luxury

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INTELITY has been broadly recognized as the industry leader in guest experience technology. Our platform has been awarded by HTNG, Magellan, Hotel Tech Report, Built-in LA, Travel Weekly, and the World Travel Tech Awards for its innovation in the space.

INTELITY HotelTechAwards Finalist Best Hotel Guest App 2022
INTELITY Built in LA 2022 Best Places to Work Los Angeles
INTELITY Built in LA 2022 Best Places to Work Los Angeles Small Companies
WTTA 2023 Winner World's Best Hotel Digital Key Solutions Provider
WTTA 2023 Winner World's Best In-Room Tablet Provider
LUXLife Hospitality Award 2023

The platform’s enterprise mobile offering has been delivering the most advanced features available, like contactless mobile check-in, mobile key, and mobile food and beverage, for some of the world’s top hospital and residential brands, including Hilton, Hyatt, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Hard Rock, and Oakwood.

We look forward to serving you.

Our Amazing Team

At INTELITY, we are thought leaders and innovators. We’re at the forefront of the industry and are constantly growing and improving our platform to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions for their needs.

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Join the Team

We are looking for talented, innovative individuals to join us in our mission to revolutionize technology within the service industry.