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Our platform is more than a series of devices, features, and integrations, it’s a full solution to the common pain points that occur throughout the guest and staff journeys. We’ve built a comprehensive end-to-end system that applies to every step of the guest journey and streamlines operational efficiencies so that your staff is able to focus on what really matters, the guest.

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INTELITY Guest gives your guests access to the connectivity they’ve become accustomed to in their own homes. Guests are in control of their experience and have a direct connection to hotel staff throughout that their entire stay.

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INTELITY Staff was designed by hoteliers to address the most common pain points experienced across the industry. It organizes, automates, and tracks all activity on your property so your staff can spend more time focusing on what really matters, the guest.

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Over 120 Certified, Discrete Integrations

Deeply Integrated

We’re constantly working to expand the capabilities of our platform. With friction-free integrations across industry leading providers of PMS, POS, room controls, ticketing, and news, entertainment and service apps, INTELITY delivers the most connected platform on the market.

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