3 Tips for Driving Non-Room Revenue

The latest Inside the Industry video discussion took a comprehensive look at how a digital guest experience can easily drive non-room revenue.
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Technology Can Drive Revenue

You got the guest to your property — that’s great! But, what’s next? How do you draw in non-room revenue once a guest is on your property? Tapping into a digital guest experience can help hoteliers do just that.

During an in-depth discussion on technology’s ability to increase non-room revenue, panelists Eric Larsen of Silver Reef Casino and Resort, Ben Keller of INTELITY, and Chris Faria of Tribal Gaming & Hospitality, shared a number of valuable tips.

The Compendium Catalyst

For Eric, the point of inspiration to go digital was the ever-challenging compendium. As a hotel operator, Eric was constantly bombarded with questions like, “What is in the compendium? Is it up-to-date? Is the compendium in good condition? Does it need to be replaced?”
All these questions inspired the search for a better solution to house everything needed for the compendium in one place — with smart-room tablets, Eric could ensure every room had the right information and could be easily updated at any moment.
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We can see the data. We get monthly reports of what guests are clicking on so we can see what’s working and what’s not.

Eric Larsen
Silver Reef Casino and Resort
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Data-Driven Results

By promoting and marketing amenities to guests through a smart-room tablet, Eric experienced a significant increase in non-room revenue. Going a step further and requesting guests to reference the tablet as the reason for enquiring about the amenities was the exact justification Eric needed to prove the investment into digital guest experience.

Aside from driving additional revenue, smart-room tablets allow management to see what promotions guests are clicking on, which on-site restaurants they are looking at, and what food items they are viewing and ordering.

What Did We Learn?

Out of all the valuable tips Eric and Ben discussed, the following three takeaways stood out:

Tip #1

Start with the basics – making your compendium digital can provide your property quick ROI.

Smart-Room Tablets

Giving guests digital access to your property, reduces the cost of printed collateral and time spent updating each room’s compendium.
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Tip #2

Promote your property’s amenities and use guest experience tech to increase conversions

Promote Your Amenities

Listen to Eric, build out a marketing plan to promote your spa, golf course, and more. Learn how Live! Casino & Hotel optimize their property.
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Tip #3

Pick your vendors wisely and revisit their functionality for guests often

Choose the Right Technology Partners

Pick vendors that align with your service culture. Here’s a tool to help make it easy.
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