3 Ways Cruise Ship Technology is Improving Travel

Planning a trip this year aboard a cruise ship? The thought of sailing away on crystal blue waters, sipping piña coladas while heading to an exotic location, and indulging in endless buffet options seem too good to be true. However, one drawback to cruise travel has long been limited Wi-Fi access and technology aboard ships. Recently though, cruise travel has stepped up its tech game, allowing travelers the opportunity to stay connected as they unwind on a vacation on the high seas.

Cruise passengers no longer have to worry about missed opportunities for Instagram-worthy selfies with the ocean as a backdrop. The tide is changing for tech-savvy cruisers who can soon expect to no longer forfeit the ability to stay in contact with the world back on dry land.

1. Connectivity

As 24 million people are expected to set sail in 2016, the cruise line sector has realized the significance of responding to the needs of these modern guests and are now offering more cruise ship technology, such as Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity options. For example, 24/7 Internet cafes are making an appearance, with select ships providing access to the Internet from guests’ personal devices. Increased Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the ships and in staterooms are aiding guests to remain plugged-in for a small fee.

2. Service Innovation

Staying ahead of the game has been crucial for cruise lines to attract guests from all generations. The technological creativity introduced on the latest cruise ships are designed to combine the best of traditional cruise travel and modern digital perks. New features, such as facial recognition technology that allows guests to locate cruise photos using software that identifies facial features, are just a few of the modern touches cruise lines have embraced.

Brands such as Crystal Cruises are taking it a step further with innovation by offering their guests some sort of mobile services while they are out at sea. Crystal recently christened a new vessel, Crystal Esprit, which will offer guests the ability to view information and services through in-room tablets and a mobile guest app. It’s a huge development for the industry. These innovative additions invite guests to take a more active and personalized role in their entire vacation.

3. Personalized Guest Experience and Satisfaction

Cruises are working hard to appeal to all ages and demographics, especially as multigenerational travel continues to enjoy popularity. “In an effort to make cruising the best overall vacation experience available, the industry is continuing to evolve to ensure there truly is a cruise for every travel style and budget,” said Cindy D’Aoust, acting CEO of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

Partnerships between cruise lines and other big names, like LEGO, Hermes, and Margaritaville, provide passengers the opportunity to interact with their favorite brands. And many cruises feature a variety of amenities like bumper cars, designer shops, and movie theaters.

Moving forward, cruise lines will be able to follow the example being set by many other industries by jumping on the S.S. Big Data. Mobile technology can be leveraged to gather information from guests during and even before a voyage about their interests and preferences n order to be more strategic in such offerings.

Cruise lines are swiftly sailing ahead into the future, thanks to their embrace of mobile and other technologies. To learn more about how the INTELITY platform can be incorporated at your property or cruise line, contact us to schedule a demo.

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