5 Reasons Contactless Technology is the Future of Hospitality

5 Reasons Contactless Technology is the Future of Hospitality

55% of travelers report that their ideal hotel room lets them disconnect from technology—as opposed to only 39% who are looking for advanced technology to power their stay.1

Meanwhile, forward-thinking hospitality companies across the world are adopting technology to help with everything from contactless check-in to business intelligence in hopes of making stays safer for guests and more lucrative for their businesses.

That begs the million-dollar question: are companies that invest in hospitality technology—especially during a crisis—setting themselves up for failure? Absolutely not.

1. 62% of guests say the ability to request service from a mobile phone or tablet is important to them.2

Sure, plenty of guests will report severe issues with their stay, but minor issues often go undetected and unresolved. Now, health and safety procedures require less guest touchpoints, and therefore fewer opportunities to check in during their stay. Instead of letting problems fester, the ability to request service remotely allows for quick fixes and results in happier guests.

2. 70% of millennials are more likely to book a hotel with tech amenities like keyless entry, Smart TVs, or mobile payments.3

As of this year, millennials make up over half of all hotel guests, making them an essential demographic—and while price and location have so far been their top two priorities, technology is a key booking differentiator and will only continue to become more important as it empowers distancing and touchless service.

3. 58% of travelers would warmly welcome the ability to check-in via an app.4

And that was before a global health crisis. Pair that with the AHLA’s recent recommendation that hotels embrace contactless check-in and the skyrocketing demand for contactless service across industries and you’ve got a perfect avenue for increasing guest safety and satisfaction.

4. Properties that work with in-room tablet providers see up to 95% guest engagement rates.5

Not to mention up to 300% ROI, thanks to a combination of staff optimization and new revenue streams. Guests get complete control over their stay—and the ability to order food and request service without face-to-face interaction—while properties see higher satisfaction rates. Win win.

5. 65% of guests report they will pay more for available technology…6

…yet the majority of hotels surveyed provide only three out of 24 mobile functions guests indicate they want, exposing a critical opportunity for hotels to outpace their competition and future-proof their business in the post-coronavirus world by expanding mobile capabilities.

So, are guests really hoping to disconnect from technology during their stays? No. They just want to feel empowered by technology, not overwhelmed or distracted by it.

Empowered to decide how much contact they’re comfortable with, resolve an issue as soon as it appears, check in and out the way that’s safest for them, and more. Investing in technology right now isn’t a foolish decision—it’s an investment in your business’s post-coronavirus future. As long as guest safety and needs are at the forefront of the decision-making process, companies shouldn’t hesitate to embrace the next wave of hospitality technology.


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