Asking for the Moon: Hotel Guest Expectations are Growing

How would you feel if your hotel was literally on the moon?

If you enjoy watching Mad Men, perhaps you’ve seen the episode where the main character Don Draper takes on Hilton as a client. “I want a Hilton on the moon,” says ‘Connie’ Hilton when discussing direction for a brand marketing campaign. Whether he’s being metaphoric or not, the episode isn’t completely based on fiction.

In the 1950s and 60s, the Lunar Hilton was the subject of a long-running marketing campaign by Hilton. It was to be the first hotel constructed on the moon, where guests would be able to enjoy a really interstellar view.

“I firmly believe that we are going to have hotels in outer space,” Barron Hilton once said.

And it looks like he isn’t alone in his vision.

A new survey of Americans between the ages of 18 and 67 found that 35% believed outer space travel would be a reality within the next 15 years.

Other interesting insight provided by the survey into our outlook on travel in 2030:

  • 61% said hotels will offer 24/7 virtual concierge services
  • 58% believe smartwatches and mobile payments will become popular
  • 47% feel that personalized mobile travel guides will be available

Judging from these figures, mobile continues to factor heavily on the priority lists of modern travelers. Surprisingly, most of the items on this wish list are already available, including around-the-clock virtual concierge service, mobile payments, and personalized travel guides on mobile. Now it’s up to the hospitality industry to forge ahead in its implementation of cutting-edge innovation to provide travelers with access to these technologies on a widespread basis.

There are no limits when it comes to dreaming up the next big thing that will have an impact on the way we live or travel, the way our hotel guest room looks, the way we serve travelers looking to explore.

If you want more information and research about the future of the hospitality and travel industries, take a look at some of the solutions our company provides on current and future ways to shoot for the moon when it comes to meeting, or even surpassing, travelers’ imaginations.

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