How Automated Reporting Helps Hotels

The most successful hotels use technology to track and measure results on an automated basis. Not only is having reliable business analytics important but in today’s environment, it is crucial in making intelligent business decisions. However, tracking data and creating metrics can indeed be tedious work, especially if you’re tracking across different programs.

Can you successfully manage what you can’t measure? Of course not. The issue faced by traditional marketing has always been its inability to properly track and measure results. Measuring your performance has typically meant many laborious hours of manual entries into spreadsheets, and quite frequently never even gets done.

Your hotel needs a system to automatically track and report your success and to identify holes in attracting new guests; increasing revenue; marketing campaigns; and existing patient retention, awareness, and increased per-guest revenue.

At INTELITY, that’s what we’ve done for metrics in the hospitality industry, whether you’re a small boutique hotel or an all-inclusive resort. Thanks to INTELITY Staff, we make it possible to manage multiple guest metrics through one system – without the pain and tedium of putting it all together.

INTELITY Staff was designed specifically with metrics in mind – and the fast-paced life of a hotelier.

What is INTELITY Staff?

The INTELITY Staff is a cloud-based software system that combines the functionality of four distinct tools needed by hoteliers including business intelligence, ticketing, in-room dining, and mobile dining. In other words, INTELITY Staff monitors hotel activity, tracks all incoming guest and in-room dining orders, automates guest marketing, and contains a customized guest-facing interface that bridges the INTELITY platform and the hotel’s back-end infrastructure.

Sounds like a lot, right? But there’s more. One of the most important functions INTELITY Staff can perform is the measurement of all the above. Here are just some of the metrics INTELITY Staff can provide in an automated report, sent straight to you and designated staff’s email inbox:

  • Active guests utilizing your tablet and mobile app solutions
  • App or Tablet Usage
  • Tracks your staff’s overall activities
  • In Room Dining Data

At INTELITY, we have built a platform that brings together all of the latest hospitality industry tools – and measures how they perform for your hotel. Our platform is on the cutting edge and it will enable you to attract more guests profitably. Contact us and we’ll show you a better way of measuring your results.

Mobile & In-Room Dining

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