How Tech Can Cater to Remote Workers and Attract More Business Travelers

Read how hoteliers can optimize their property and use tech to attract business travelers

It’s no secret that the pandemic caused huge losses in revenue due in large part to less business travel and canceled events. To offset the lack of business trips and conferences, hotels have rolled out creative ways for business travelers to utilize their spaces while adding new revenue opportunities. It’s safe to say now that remote work isn’t going anywhere, and why should it? A study by Owl Labs reports that 90% of employees surveyed say they are as productive or more productive when working remotely.

In response to many employers and employees moving to remote work, the hospitality industry has pivoted to catering to this new breed of nomadic workers with offerings like booking a room for a work day, “workcations,” and even extended-stay remote work packages. As events and conferences return to in-person gatherings, hoteliers have a huge opportunity to make up revenue lost to the pandemic, and set their property on the forefront of the evolving hospitality landscape. Here are a few key places to start.

Make Your Property Remote-Work Friendly

Offer easy check-in and check-out
Remote workers are a new breed of travelers who are looking for comfort and convenience above most else in their hotel stay. One key way to attract business travelers is offering them a quick and easy way to digitally check-in and use their smartphones for keyless entry so they can completely bypass the front desk and go straight to their rooms. Once they are ready to depart, the check-out process should be just as easy and mobile enabled.

Provide Great Wi-Fi
Giving your business guests the best experience possible relies on providing fast, secure and free Wi-fi. If hoteliers want business travelers to continue coming back for repeat stays, they need to prioritize reliable internet that has the bandwidth to accommodate a wide range of mobile devices as well as needs such as videoconferencing, web browsing and streaming content. Remote workers depend on consistent Wi-fi accessibility and the last thing they want is to have their work interrupted or lost because of a slow or weak internet connection.

Create Unique and Quiet Work Spaces
Consider how you can best provide office space for business travelers. Whether they are in town for work or they are a local remote-worker looking for a change of scenery, what can you offer to make their stay with you a success? This may look like renting out rooms as office spaces during work hours, or offering a remote-work package that includes a private office space for the guest to use. Make sure you have plenty of electrical outlets in guest rooms and charging stations throughout the hotel for business travelers to recharge their laptops, tablets or mobile devices. Also, provide a table top and comfortable seating in guest rooms for those long days of working. Consider creating a business center that offers a shared workspace and includes desks, fax machines and other office equipment.

Provide Access to Amenities via a Hotel App
A hotel app can greatly enhance the business traveler’s guest experience by enabling them to manage their entire work day on their mobile device or smart room tablet. Business travelers are busy people and by allowing them to take greater control of their stay can set your hotel apart. With a hotel app, business travelers can order food or drinks and have it delivered to them wherever they are such as in their room, by the pool, at the business center or in the hotel lobby. For hotels who don’t have an on-property restaurant, offer business travelers the ability to use delivery services like Doordash or UberEats directly through the hotel app. Provide ride-share or shuttle options via a hotel app so that business travelers can go to and from their hotel to other nearby locations with ease.

Attract Smaller Business Meetings to Your Hotel

Although corporate travel and events are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels for another year, there is still a need for smaller team building events and business meetings. In fact, because many business teams now work remotely and do not have a chance to meet one another in person, there is an even greater need for in-person gatherings within companies.The need for these types of gatherings creates a major revenue opportunity for hotels.

Ensure Meeting Spaces are Fully Equipped
Hoteliers need to evaluate how they can best optimize the space they have for business travelers. For many hotels, this looks like setting aside rooms with white boards and other office equipment. Creating spaces where groups can meet makes the hotel more attractive for groups or small businesses looking for a functional work getaway. Provide in-room dining for your team during business meetings. Promote your amenities for team building exercises such as access to hotel’s golf course, yoga classes, and other recreational activities. Use a hotel app to offer a list of local restaurants and hotspots for after work downtime.

Create Custom Packages for Small Company Gatherings
To attract smaller business groups, offer unique packages that can include discounts to drinks and food or outdoor excursions. For local businesses who want a place to conduct small business gatherings offer special prices or a remote work membership. Partner with local vendors to supply team building activities such as escape rooms, wine tastings, and cooking classes.

Finally, whatever you plan to offer business travelers, make sure they hear about it. Marketing your remote-work or “workcation” opportunities and amenities is vital. The companies and individuals who would most benefit from this need to know the ways in which you’ve optimized the experience for them. Figure out what you can do, then make sure those who will benefit most hear about it.

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