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How to Make Your Guests Feel At Home During the Holidays

Your hotel can be a part of your guest’s happiness by taking just a little extra effort to make your guests feel at home during the holidays

Hoteliers must do whatever it takes to get travelers’ attention during such a busy time of year for travel. Your hotel can be a part of your guest’s happiness by sprucing up your hotel with festive decorations and by having special offers. But sometimes, it takes just a little extra effort to make your guests feel at home during the holiday season.

Here are some tips on how your hotel can stand out from the rest:

Consider the Details

Being a good hotel is all about those few, important details that let your guests know you are happy they are there and that you want them to be comfortable. INTELITY’s In-Room Tablets can be used to create a more personalized guest experience. The guest’s name will be featured on the dashboard and the landing page holds a collection of selections, including newspapers and magazines so that your guests do not miss anything while they are out of town.

Your hotel can have a personalized video introduction appear on the in-room tablet, letting your guest know that you appreciate them for choosing your hotel during this holiday season.

Courtsey of Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Create a Festive Environment

Your hotel can provide a space for some of the same traditions that your guests do during the holiday season while simultaneously getting a boost in revenue.

Leading up to the holiday season, Boston Harbor Hotel ran a pop-up whiskey bar special to boost revenue. Push notifications were sent out to guests via the hotel room tablets stating, “Tell your friends you are going to be late to dinner,” along with the bar’s hours. Within an hour, the hotel recorded revenue intake of over $700.

Prepare Early to Make Your Guests Feel At Home During the Holidays

By using your mobile guest app, you can check in with your guests before they arrive for their stay and see if there is anything that they might need or if they have questions. You can help your guests take care of last-minute holiday shopping needs or make dinner plans. During the holiday season, most shops and restaurants have special holiday hours. Be ready to answer questions like: “How late will the stores be open on Christmas Eve?” or, “Which restaurants are open for brunch on New Year’s Day?”

By anticipating any potential needs beforehand, your hotel can be better prepared for your guest’s arrival.

Have Fun

Embassy Suites Denver Southeast hid an Elf on a Shelf doll around the hotel common areas during the 2013 holiday season. They asked guests to take a picture of the doll when they saw him around the hotel and post it on the hotel’s Facebook page. The hotel marketed this campaign through Facebook, flyers at the front desk, table toppers in the dining room and organically gained 21 new fans through the short campaign. The Elf on a Shelf post also increased their reach to 2,669 people!

Know Your Area

The holidays often inspire a barrage of special events. Know what is going on around your hotel and assign someone to research all local events to provide guests with a complete list of activities available during their stay using the hotel’s mobile guest app. Remember, during the holiday season most shops and restaurants have special holiday hours. Being able to keep up with current events makes your hotel seem more alive and organic.

As travelers gear up to hit the road this season, the tips outlined here will your ensure your hotel is ready to provide a memorable holiday experience. Your hotel will present a personality of cheer, which will allow guests who are excitedly preparing for the holidays, to identify with your brand and feel more at home.

‘Tis the season to get those rooms booked!