Scoring a Touchdown with Mobile Guest Service Technology

For the hospitality industry, being competitive when it comes to attracting guests and gaining their loyalty has never been more important, but it is also more of a challenge in this digitally obsessed age with tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and other devices, which are all increasing in prevalence. Creating a winning strategy with guests has been taken to the next level, and your digital playbook has to be top notch to keep guest satisfaction high. Still, scoring a touchdown with guest service mobile technology does not have to involve a large number of gadgets.

In 2013, a Forrester survey emphasized the importance of using mobile technology to reach guests in the hospitality industry. According to the survey,

“74 percent of business leaders view mobile as a major priority. In fact, since 2009, the number of leisure travelers using their mobile devices for travel has increased by more than 450%.”

Hospitality businesses that want to stay relevant to guests should invest in and implement systems that allow customers to use appropriate digital channels to improve their stay. The modern traveler’s needs have adapted to require a more sophisticated and personalized touch, and making it to the end zone can be as simple as making a touchdown pass to your guests where they spend a significant amount of time making travel arrangements and connecting with brands – mobile devices.

Sports fans know that a football game begins even before the teams set foot on the gridiron on game day, and similarly, cultivating an intimate connection with your guests begins before they step foot on your property for a stay. Certain software, such as INTELITY’s hospitality technology platform, gives guests the ability to communicate preferences and service requests before their stay to allow you to better meet their needs. Anticipating the needs of your guests by using this information strategically will assist in establishing your brand identity as one that prioritizes service, a sure way to earn points toward building loyalty.

One of the newer mobile features that can provide an extra conversion point for your digital strategy is giving guests the ease of checking in via mobile in order to skip the traditional check-in, such as standing in a long line at the front desk. Mobile key entry, pre-arrival services, mobile check-in are just the beginning of how innovation can change your relationship with guests.

Technology that helps the guest make the most of their stay or makes the guest room a true oasis is also vital. In-room tablets can provide access to a variety of services and benefits to improve guestroom experiences, such as automated room environment controls, digital wake-up calls, and mobile room service orders, as well as immediately transmitting requests to staff for expedited response. Beefing up your digital strategy also affords the opportunity to electronically gather data that allows you to analyze and track the areas your business can improve to ensure everyone who leaves your hotel is a true fan.

Implementing cutting-edge hospitality technology to supplement your hotel’s repertoire of strategic guest service plays is key to winning a ring rather than losing out to your competition. So avoid fumbling the ball and step up your digital game when it comes to engaging with guests on an impactful level by utilizing technology to its fullest potential.

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