Intelity and McLaren deliver a Tahitian take on technology at eco-luxe resort, The Brando


French Polynesia’s newest luxury resort and eco-destination, The Brando, has launched a state-of-the-art guest service experience system in collaboration with Asia Pacific’s leading hotel technology group, McLaren Technologies.

Located on the South Sea atoll of Tetiaroa, 30 miles north of Tahiti and once famously owned by Marlon Brando, the luxury eco-resort now offers the best non-invasive, intuitive technology for guests – without detracting from the amazing natural appeal of the island.

McLaren Technologies Managing Director Matthew White said The Brando represents the ultimate retreat experience for luxury travelers. “We were very excited for the opportunity to work with this resort, which is a true innovator on the eco-resort scene,” he said.

“In a destination like French Polynesia, the pristine environment, culture, amazing views and lagoons are what it’s all about. The aim of our project was to enhance the resort’s natural offerings by delivering a cutting edge yet inconspicuous technology solution that would not detract in any way from the incredible eco-appeal of the destination.”

Mr. White said while the resort is already famous for ‘reconnecting’ guests with nature (and each other), McLaren’s role was to literally connect the resort in terms of digital, self-service solutions. “Guests staying at The Brando will find a personal in-room tablet in their villa installed with a guest service application called ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™), created by Intelity,” he said.

“We installed ICE Bedside throughout all 35 villas at the resort because it is regarded as one of the world’s best self-service technologies, operated with the utmost simplicity from the palm of your hand.” Guests can use ICE to make direct requests to the hotel staff for specific services, such as ordering 24-hour in-room dining, housekeeping needs and much more. ICE also allows the tablets to be used as alarm clock-radios and to replace traditional print materials by storing information digitally.

The Brando’s General Manager Silvio Bion said, “There is no doubt that French Polynesia is a true luxury destination. At the top-end, there’s been a serious investment in five-star resorts like ours, but investment in new technology trends and companies like McLaren is now perhaps the true luxury differentiator for those guests seeking a heightened, connected experience while enjoying the natural charms of the South Pacific.”