Intelity’s ICE Integrates with KNOW SERVICE by Knowcross Solutions For Improved Guest Service


Hospitality technology leaders Intelity and Knowcross Solutions are announcing integration between their respective systems, the ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) guest service platform and the KNOW SERVICE guest request management module.

Hotels with KNOW SERVICE can enable guests to input requests for any service through the guest-facing application of the ICE platform using mobile and in-room devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. Services available through the ICE platform include check-in, pre-arrival requests, in-room dining orders, and wake-up calls.

All requests then register into the back-end ICE Request Manager, which automatically communicates them to the KNOW SERVICE system with no manual re-entry required. Staff can digitally review and manage requests, complaints and maintenance jobs, as well as update the status of these jobs from mobile devices.

The integration reinforces a hotel’s guest request management capabilities with the powerful combination of the Intelity platform, including the ICE Request Manager, and the KNOW SERVICE module. With digital access to all guest services and seamless automated handling of requests, properties can enjoy more efficient request management, delivery of services and staff management.

“Our products have been helping hotels enhance guest experience through personalization and timely delivery of services, while also improving staff productivity and escalating profitability. Integrating it with platforms like ICE, connects us to the guests directly, further automating the request management process,” said Nikhil Nath, Knowcross Solutions CEO and Founder.

Intelity President and CEO David Adelson said, “Integration has proven to be a vital ingredient for the success of ICE. We’re able to install ICE at any property without interruption to the existing workflow. If anything, we facilitate operations with the variety of back-end tools we offer, from application content management to request filtering and tracking. Partnering with companies such as Knowcross Solutions that share the goal of providing high-quality service to the hospitality industry allows our company to ensure a more flawless guest experience.”

Intelity currently offers more guest service integrations with back-end hotel management systems, including PMS, POS and Room Controls, than any other company in the space.