The Umstead Hotel and Spa Partners with Evolve Controls and Intelity for Integrated Room Controls and Guest Services Platform on Tablets


The North Carolina boutique property will be the first to feature a joint solution on in-room hotel tablets through integration between software platforms by hospitality technology leaders Intelity and Evolve Controls.

The Umstead Hotel and Spa, a 5-star property located just outside Raleigh, North Carolina, has selected Evolve Controls and Intelity to deploy a fully integrated wireless room control and guest services solution through hotel in-room tablets. This innovative approach is designed to enhance each guest’s stay at the property by combining the power of in-room control features with convenient access to hotel services and information through tablets provided to each guest room.

The Evolve Controls Connected Room Solution allows guests to manage their environment by wirelessly controlling in-room temperature and lighting through Intelity’s intuitive guest engagement platform.

In addition to Evolve’s automated room controls, ICE Bedside also provides a full dashboard of digital hotel services that allows guests to communicate with hotel staff, find the information they need to enhance a hotel stay, and place requests through the hotel tablets. On the back-end, hotel staff can leverage operational features of the ICE platform with tools such as content management, direct guest messaging, and business intelligence data.

“At The Umstead, we are committed to creating memorable experiences for our guests. By integrating automated room controls from Evolve and easy-to-use guest services from Intelity, we’re able to provide luxury amenities and services conveniently through bedside tablets not typically found in traditional hotels,” said Jason Seehafer, Executive Assistant Manager of Hotel Operations, The Umstead.

Beyond the benefits of an improved experience for the Umstead’s guests, this cutting-edge in-room technology allows hotel staff to more effectively manage energy costs through Evolve’s occupancy-based energy management capabilities and strengthen their relationship with guests through Intelity’s ICE system.

According to Kristin Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Evolve Controls, “Intelity’s ICE Bedside software for tablets has allowed us to expand our solutions beyond wireless room controls and energy management by presenting guests a customized interface for in-room dining, housekeeping requests, wake up calls, and a variety of other hotel services to improve engagement and further enhance the guest experience.”

“Collaborating with Evolve Controls enables us to meet the needs of hotel partners like The Umstead who want to provide guests with the ability to control the guestroom environment through automated controls, but also want to take full advantage of guest engagement technology to improve the in-room guest experience,” said Intelity CEO & President David Adelson.