Intelity Adds Mobile F&B Delivery App to ICE Platform


As a new feature in the ICE v4.2, guests’ can now have mobile orders brought to their location when they are not in their room.

Intelity is unveiling a new custom store in its award-winning guest service platform, called ICE: Mobile Dining. ICE: Mobile Dining will provide an out-of-room dining experience for guests using their mobile device while they stay at the hotel. Browsing through the Mobile Dining menu, guests select beverage or food items and specify their location (poolside cabana, beach chair, etc.) using manual entry, NFC Tag or a QR code. The order is then fulfilled by the kitchen or bar and delivered to the guest by an expeditor.

“Intelity’s new Mobile Dining app creates a more efficient ordering environment for a hotel’s poolside or beachside restaurant,” said David Adelson, Intelity president and CEO. “This feature cuts labor time in half by eliminating the need to walk out to get an order and then come back to place it in the hotel’s system. Our robust notifications will alert hotel staff when an order is placed, so they will not miss a revenue opportunity while increasing operational efficiencies.”

Location, Location, Location

A tutorial is built inside the Mobile Dining store to walk guests through the ordering process. Guests can click “Help” to view the tutorial or they can scroll through a carousel of images to instruct them on how they can enter their location.

  • Manual Entry — Guests text their location (Chair 432, Cabana 32, Chair left of the entrance) to receive their order. The application automatically saves the guests’ previous location to make ordering addition items a breeze.
  • NFC Tags — This inexpensive and easy-to-implement ordering method enables guests to place their NFC-equipped phone next to the NFC Tag to detect the order location.
  • QR Codes — The device’s camera will scan the QR code to make the location known.

Intelity will work with each hotel on determining the most efficient way to install the Mobile Dining system.

“Our customers have been asking us to develop a mobile ordering experience that their guests can engage with outside of their rooms,” Adelson said. “Our development team went to work incorporating feedback and requests from several hoteliers with remote outlets. We are pleased to announce that the new Intelity ICE: Mobile Dining system is now LIVE and ready to deploy to any property looking to capture revenues, boost guest engagement, increase satisfaction and drive loyalty.”