Intelity Cites 5 Benefits of Budgeting for Mobile Device Management in 2018


Mobile device management is fast becoming a major hospitality technology trend

With the hotel technology trend of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) among hotel guests and staff on the rise, the hospitality industry is finding that mobile device management (the administration of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, and desktop computers) for hotels is a necessary investment. More than half of all hotel guests will carry three or more devices with them while traveling, and you can bet that employees are also equipped with a variety of devices, from smartphones to laptops.

“We’ve entered the age of mobile hospitality, and all hoteliers must now be nimble enough to meet guests where they’re at, meaning, on devices that are capable of keeping them connected and informed anywhere in the world,” said Christopher Grey, Intelity CTO. “These mobile devices enable guests to manage the full, end-to-end travel experience, from the research phase to booking to the actual hotel stay. Features such as mobile key, mobile hotel check-in, digital maps, virtual concierge, and social media access have all made smartphones and hotel tablets invaluable to guests, while enterprise features such as digital guest request management and data views from integrated hotel systems have created demand for new hospitality technology among hotel staff as well.

“All these devices have created new demands for connected smart hotels that provide sufficient hotel networks, WiFi and security for all on premises,” he said. “It’s one of the leading hotel technology trends, and it promises to assist hoteliers in staying on top of hotel guest and staff BYOD.”

Here are 5 key reasons why hoteliers should add MDM to their 2018 budgets:

1. Remote Management of Devices

With more connected devices on your property than staff, MDM solutions assist in monitoring and managing these in a more efficient way. For instance, many hotels are now installing in-room tablets in guestrooms to improve guest service and engagement. Hotel MDM is the best way to easily get these up and running, as well as perform ongoing maintenance. Using MDM in hotels, devices on the network can be remote wiped or have diagnostics run for troubleshooting.

2. Regulation of Applications

Hotel apps are more popular than ever. Providing complimentary access to these apps on hotel tablets has become extremely popular in the hospitality industry. Using a hotel MDM solution, hotel management can select which apps they want to load or disable on devices across the network to create a superior digital staff and guest experience.

3. Data Protection and Backup

Data management using a hotel MDM solution can reduce the risk of costly incidents relating to exposure and breach. Hoteliers can use mobile device management to protect data and prevent leaks or wipe data completely from unauthorized user devices.

4. Expanded Security Features

Security of hotel digital networks and guest data is a top priority for many hoteliers, and there have been discussions about how to enhance hotel security when it comes to network use, especially from mobile devices. Hotel MDM use can allow for expansion of security measures, such as requiring authentication of all devices and active monitoring of registered devices. It can also allow for tracking the physical location of devices on the network to reduce hardware theft or loss.

5. Establishing Network Use Policies

Every hotel should have a policy in place regarding the use of any networks, and this policy should apply to staff and guests alike. A mobile device management solution can assist in enforcing and solidifying this policy by consolidating regulation in the hands of those overseeing the network. Useful features include defining WiFi settings, setting compliance guidelines, and optimizing the function of the network overall.


Intelity has recently designed an MDM to notify personnel when a mobile device – such as an in-room guest tablet or other handheld device used by staff – is online/offline, the battery is low, or the device has left the room or designated area. With the addition of the Wrangler MDM, Intelity customers now have a single platform for controlling the physical devices used to deliver two-way mobile communications to hotel staff and guests.

“Intelity continues to be a leader in this vertical by developing innovative solutions that complement our existing platform,” Grey said. “Wrangler is robust and contains the features hoteliers need for their environments, and it’s available to our customers as part of their SAAS (Software as a Service) fees. Not only will this MDM keep hotel staff and mobile devices working at peak performance, but by remotely viewing and controlling these technologies in real time, hoteliers are dramatically raising the bar on guest service and mobile engagement.”