Intelity Continues Strong Growth Trajectory with New Customers in 2017


Millennial travel is contributing to the demand for Intelity’s technologies

Intelity, the creator of the world’s first and most widely used integrated Guest Services Platform, is announcing continued record-setting performance and growth, deploying its solutions at properties that include hotels, resorts, and casinos throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

“There are several factors contributing to the continued growth and success of Intelity, the main one being our commitment to ongoing research and development of new technologies,” said David Adelson, Intelity president and CEO. “We listen closely to our customers to ensure that our solutions are meeting their needs and the demands of their guests. Millennials are a huge segment of travelers and are having a major impact on the hotel industry – especially when it comes to technology adoption.

“One of the biggest challenges in selling to Millennials is communication,” Adelson said. “Each person in this demographic seems to have his or her own preferred way of communicating and receiving information from a hotel; some prefer email, others text messages, and still others phone calls. Intelity’s mobile solutions are helping travelers overcome limitations of the Internet, and they are supporting this do-it-yourself generation throughout their stays, from enabling guests to control the room environment (thermostat, lighting, drapes) via in-room tablets to unlocking their rooms doors via smartphone.”

Studies Show Technology is King

According to the 4th edition Egencia Business Travel and Technology Survey (2017), travelers are looking to technology to make the corporate travel journey more productive and manageable. The report shows 66 percent of business travelers want to manage their business travel on every mobile device, not just on their smartphone. Additionally, 50 percent of global respondents would avoid human interaction on the road unless they are having a problem, and 56 percent of global respondents simply want access to business travel tools to do more on mobile in general.

In its 2017 Portrait of American Travelers survey, MMGY Global reports that Millennial families – who rely on mobile technology for a DIY travel experience – are going to spend more and travel more in 2018 than all other generational segments. The study predicts that the 9.5 million households that are American Millennial families will spend 19 percent more on vacations during the next 12 months and intend to travel 35 percent more than the previous year. To support the demands of this demographic, hotels need to invest in the technologies their Millennial guests expect to use during their stays.

According to Hospitality Technology’s 2017 Customer Engagement Technology Study, 57 percent of hotel guests are expecting/demanding mobile check out (but only 24 percent of hotels provide it), 55 percent are expecting/demanding mobile check-in (but its only available at 35 percent of hotels), 54 percent of guests want to control the guestroom from a mobile device, and 45 percent of guests are expecting/demanding a mobile key be sent to their smartphones so they can bypass long lines at the front desk.

Intelity’s Complete Solution Suite

The Intelity platform is comprised of different modules to enable hoteliers to enhance the guest experience. The solutions suite makes it easy for hoteliers to manage guest services and requests with a set of digital tools that give management and staff a range of capabilities. Intelity’s product suite includes:

  • ICE, the hub of the Intelity Platform, our trademarked Interactive Customer System (“ICS”) back-end system, complete with an assortment of functionalities that serve to maximize ROI and allow immediate editing of all aspects of the guest-facing interface on either the organization’s website, in-room tablets or TV. Includes dynamic content management, hotel staff user accounts, and comprehensive business intelligence, marketing, and reporting tools on guest usage.
  • MERCURY, the staff-facing Unified Messaging Portal that allows the management of real-time guest communication from SMS & Facebook Messaging. Mercury works both within and outside the Intelity Platform and is most effective when paired with ICE, so hoteliers may be able to track requests and look guest information.
  • MiKEY, includes the components of the modern mobile guest journey – Mobile Check-in, Mobile Key and Mobile Check-out. Whether you enable “straight-to-room” options or require a stop by the front desk, MiKEY provides the tools you need to deliver mobility with sophistication.
  • EDISON, Intelity’s room controls interface, comes complete with an assortment of functionalities that provide guests the ability to easily manage lighting, thermostat, sheers & drapery, all from your Intelity Bedside tablet.
  • WRANGLER, is Intelity’s mobile device management system that was developed specifically for Intelity hotel devices. The purpose of Wrangler is to effectively and efficiently monitor in-room tablets in an environment that is easy-to-use and gives your staff the information that they need to ensure a smooth guest experience with the hotel’s digital compendium and guest services.

“Our solution suite continues to deliver outstanding results to hotels, resorts and casinos worldwide,” said Adelson said. “I am proud of our entire team, who work diligently not only to bring state-of-the-art technology to market but also to provide a consistently high level of support to our customers around the globe. It is a privilege to help properties achieve their full potential through our Guest Services Platform, and we are excited to welcome our newest clients to the Intelity family.”

Among the company’s recent implementations: 1 Hotel Brooklyn, Conrad Guangzhou, Couples Resorts, Del Lago Resort and Casino, Lodge Kohler, Hotel Eden Rome, UNICO Hotel Riviera, Crown Towers Perth, Skye Hotel Suites Parramatta, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and an enterprise mobile application for Hard Rock Hotels and Grupo Posadas. These world-renowned properties are using Intelity’s solutions to streamline operations, optimize revenue, and improve guest service response performance.