Introducing KEYPR’s Boutique App!


Now available on the KEYPR platform: a NEW retail Boutique App that makes shopping available via in-room tablets!

We are excited to announce another great feature now available on the KEYPR platform! Via our in-room tablets, guests will have access to a retail boutique app that makes purchasing items just as convenient as ordering room service. The Boutique App is an excellent resource to bring the gift shop, spa, and even in-room furnishings like pillows and bedding right to your guests’ fingertips!

Staff Features:

  • Create your own customized storefront
  • Easily manage inventory and set product availability
  • Hide or reveal select items
  • Use promotions and push messages to drive awareness
  • Manage orders via KEYPR’s GEMS dashboard for easy shipping or direct delivery to guest rooms

Guest Features:

  • View items for sale via the retail Boutique App, designed for hospitality
  • Add to and manage items in their cart
  • Confirm and track placement and shipping statuses of orders
  • Billing goes directly to the guest folio!