KEYPR Launches KEYPR TV, the Most Advanced Casting Solution in Hospitality


KEYPR®, the technology company whose enterprise cloud platform is the leader in guest experience and hospitality management, is announcing its partnership with Nevaya, the go-to TV cloud entertainment company for hospitality, to create KEYPR TV. The new feature allows guests to stream content from their personal mobile devices or KEYPR’s in-room tablets to hotel TVs, with no app downloads, required sign-ins, or overly-complex access codes.

As evidenced by the shift in how consumers are increasingly engaging with mobile and digital content at home the trend is also being pulled into hospitality. According to Zenith Media, nearly one-quarter of all media consumption across the world is mobile today and aggressively growing. This highlights a massive opportunity for hotels to increase guest satisfaction by adopting mobile-friendly content technologies.

With KEYPR TV, hotel guests are now able to seamlessly replicate their “at-home” experience. The integration works with all Chromecast-compatible apps, allowing guests to stream their favorite shows or movies instantaneously upon entering their room. The complete integration of KEYPR tablets and KEYPR TV offers a simple way for guests to launch apps and cast to any hotel television, regardless of brand or model. The KEYPR tablet boasts a user-friendly interface, an effortless way to enter credentials, and is the perfect medium to introduce new content that guests may not be carrying on their own device. KEYPR’s extensive list of content partners allows hotels to provide more unique entertainment apps via in-room tablets previously not available through embedded TV solutions.

In true KEYPR fashion, the casting product is pushed well beyond expectations. KEYPR TV offers not only easy casting for guests, but also personalized welcome screens, hotel, and travel information, managed promotions to upsell property services, and an interactive exploration mode controlled through the in-room tablet. This exploration mode gives hotels the opportunity to present an interactive video compendium to show off the property and its services in beautiful HD quality, and more.

KEYPR hand-picked Nevaya as its casting partner to guarantee that KEYPR TV was powered by the most intuitive and versatile system on the market that can fit into nearly any network architecture. The Nevaya Cast management system ensures privacy between guests, rooms, and devices. Guests can connect to KEYPR TV automatically as they join the hotel WiFi or via a QR code shown on the TV welcome screen. In either scenario, KEYPR and Nevaya manage the pairing without putting any burden on a hotel’s IT department.

“We pride ourselves in being the leader in Chromecast-based TV solutions, entertaining rooms at some of the most prestigious properties across the globe,” said James Richmond, Co-Founder and CEO at Nevaya. “We are excited to power KEYPR TV and further expand our reach in the U.S. with the broadest enterprise platform in hospitality.”

The powerful Nevaya backend integrates with KEYPR’s Guest Experience Management System (GEMS®), which actively monitors all Chromecast devices on the property, and self-heals when a device needs a reset. Other product features include synced inventory across all touchpoints (mirror, in-room tablets, mobile), hotel and travel information, and other amenities. Guests will be able to enjoy the content they love without the risk of hidden fees, on a comprehensive platform that’s become second to none for its overall usability and reliability.

“KEYPR TV is simply the most advanced casting solution in hospitality today,” said KEYPR CTO Philippe Dias, “and we have selected a great partner in Nevaya to bring it to life.”

KEYPR TV is now available and will be on display at KEYPR’s booth #1710 at HITEC Houston.

About Nevaya

Nevaya offers entirely cloud-based solutions for the hospitality industry, enhancing the experience for both hoteliers and guests across the globe with their in-room entertainment and WiFi services.  Fully cloud-based, Nevaya’s services are available with minimal hardware and incredibly fast setup, for a reassuringly convenient and reliable experience. The intuitive and bespoke design provides exceptional guest engagement for the hotelier and enhanced entertainment experience, providing significant benefits and ROI opportunities for any establishment within the hospitality industry.