From mobile guest requests, dining, and check-in/out, the INTELITY-Maestro integration delivers a contactless and personalized guest journey.

The Inn at Harbor Shores Waterfront Resort and Condo Residences Leverages Maestro PMS and INTELITY Integration to Enhance Contactless Guest Experiences


From instant contactless guest requests to F&B ordering via in-room tablet, mobile check-in/out, and user-friendly app features, the integration is connecting guests with a sophisticated and personalized journey

The Inn at Harbor Shores in St. Joseph, Michigan, quickly adapted to the coronavirus pandemic as it was unfolding by leveraging an integration between Maestro, the preferred cloud and on-premise Web browser and Windows property-management system for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals, and multi-property groups, and INTELITY, a leader in end-to-end guest experience technology. The joint technology is enabling the 92-room waterfront resort to enhance its contactless user experience for guests in a variety of ways.

“The integration has allowed our guests to request amenities and order food and beverage on command without picking up the phone,” said Brady Cohen, general manager of The Inn at Harbor Shores, one of the first hotels to benefit from the integration. “We chose to enable these features well before the COVID-19 pandemic, but this integration put us far ahead of many other properties from a technology standpoint.”

The strategic partnership between Maestro and INTELITY makes it easier for hotels to collect information from guests in a way that’s convenient, quick and unobtrusive. Essentially, the integration creates a streamlined, mobile-first guest experience for properties of all sizes and their guests by allowing for the exchange and flow of rich information between both systems.

The Inn at Harbor Shores saw immediate benefits after implementing the extensive Maestro-INTELITY integration, with Maestro PMS facilitating instant contactless guest requests via the INTELITY platform’s in-room tablets, user-friendly property app and more. “We also cut down on phone traffic,” Cohen said. “We were fielding so many phone calls at the front desk and restaurant for amenities and room service. Now it is a direct connection to our restaurant point-of-sale and PMS systems.”

The property’s management team also used the integrated platform to market special promotions and personalized deals to guests.

“Frankly, when you take a look at what both companies specialize in and are known for, this partnership simply makes sense for hoteliers and their guests,” said Ira Dworkin, CTO of INTELITY. “Every property’s tech stack should work together to offer guests and staff a higher level of control, safety, and convenience. That’s why partnerships like the one we have with Maestro are so important when it comes to helping hoteliers use technology successfully, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Courtesy of the Maestro and INTELITY partnership, guests can check in from their phone and skip the front desk at The Inn at Harbor Shores, giving hoteliers the opportunity to focus on guests and deliver top-quality service in a contactless world. Post-COVID, the flow of information and combination of technology plays a huge role in supporting contactless service and operations, which protects both guests and staff.

“We’re delighted to name INTELITY as one of Maestro’s state-of-the-art integration partners,” said Warren Dehan, Maestro President. “INTELITY is known in the hospitality space as a leader in contactless guest experience technology and integrating its platform with Maestro PMS enables properties to interact with their guests on another level. We’re thrilled to hear how the joint solution has been helping The Inn at Harbor Shores through a difficult time for many Americans, especially those in hospitality.”