INTELITY Introduces 1-Click Mobile Check-in for a Seamless Guest Experience


Hotels can now greatly simplify the guest authentication, mobile key and check-in process

Los Angeles, CA (March 22, 2022)INTELITY®, the provider of hospitality’s most comprehensive guest experience and staff management platform, announced today the implementation of its 1-Click Mobile check-in capabilities on the platform. The functionality provides significant improvements on app user flow and is set to drive guest app adoption and engagement, as well as utilization across other functions of the guest’s mobile experience.

“At INTELITY, we have long been an industry leader in improving the digital guest journey, by continuing to offer more features and functionality,” said Robert Stevenson, CEO of INTELITY. “Of course, along with a very broad feature set, there is always a risk of complexity creeping into the guest experience. Complexity and friction are the bane of a quality user experience, and by utilizing a seamless approach, hotels and residences can now direct guests to any specific page within their app eliminating the need to go through cumbersome account-level steps to get to a guest’s desired feature.”

Through INTELITY’s new 1-Click functionality, guests will be able to simply click on a check-in link provided within a property’s pre-arrival email, be routed to Apple’s App Store or Google Play to download the property’s app, and proceed straight to check-in. If the app is already available on a guest’s mobile device, guests are automatically directed to their reservation. Each reservation is securely encrypted enabling automatic authentication.

This new functionality, already live, will officially debut in April with select properties. Guests at these select hotels will be directed to their check-in screen within the hotel’s app and have access to all of their reservation-based features, services, and amenities. Additional properties will incorporate the new functionality throughout 2022 and onward.

“Our 1-Click Mobile approach solves critical challenges for delivering a seamless in-app experience,” said Matt Lynch, VP of Product at INTELITY. “We have seen a very high download rate for our apps, but also a drop-off in engagement at account creation or re-sign in. By supporting underlying OS-level technologies, we can provide an easier and more friction-free guest journey. Guests not only have the ability to check-in prior to their stay but also connect seamlessly and securely to their mobile key.”

Moving forward, INTELITY will continue to leverage 1-Click Mobile to bring guests the content hoteliers want them to see, as well as, offer a more personalized and tech-enabled guest experience. For a more in-depth look at the full INTELITY platform or to request a demo, visit


INTELITY is the global leader in contactless guest experience technology, uniting mobile, in-room, and operational tools into one fully-integrated hospitality platform. INTELITY has won numerous awards including becoming the  “Official Guest Engagement and Staff Management Platform Provider” of the distinguished Forbes Travel Guide. The INTELITY platform is used at boutique hotels, casino-resorts, luxury residences, global hotel brands and more in over 60 countries across 6 continents. For more information, visit