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INTELITY, FreshBed Announce Live Integration & Partnership


The new partnership will provide hotels with the ability to significantly enhance their guest experience by letting them regulate their FreshBed leveraging the INTELITY platform

Los Angeles, CA (June 20, 2023)INTELITY®, provider of hospitality’s leading guest experience and staff management platform, has announced a partnership and live integration with FreshBed, the world’s first bed featuring its own full control climate capabilities. An ideal solution for hotels and wellness resorts, this relationship unlocks the ultimate luxury offering by providing guests with the ability to adjust their complete sleep environment directly from a bedside smart room tablet or mobile app powered by the INTELITY platform. Thanks to this partnership, the perfect night’s sleep is just a screen tap away.

The Swiss-engineered FreshBed ergonomic mattress is handcrafted and can help encourage quicker and deeper sleep with less interruptions through its temperature and humidity regulation and improved air quality. FreshBed uses a silent active airflow technology that’s integrated into the foot of the bed to draw air in from the underside of the bed and push it through a medical-grade HEPA filter. The air is then purified, removing pollen, fine particles, allergens, virus carriers, bacteria, and more. The purified air is evenly distributed through the FreshBed mattress also preventing dust mites.

“The FreshBed is a perfect choice for hotels that put health and wellness as top priorities for their guests,” said Barry van Doornewaard, FreshBed Founder & CEO. “The perfect sleep can yield many benefits, and our FreshBed delivers the best sleep experience in the world. For any hotel looking to elevate their experience be it in suites or standard guest rooms, beds are the piece of luxury sometimes overlooked and are a high-end differentiator. With our INTELITY relationship, we will be able to offer a seamless smart room integration that can further elevate the guest experience.”

Already available at RH Guesthouse in New York City, a bespoke luxury hotel meticulously designed and developed by Restoration Hardware, this partnership is the perfect intersection of high-tech and high-end, allowing guests to have complete control over their sleep, leveraging the INTELITY platform and the best rest experience available on the market. At the RH Guesthouse, the FreshBed and INTELITY integration makes it simple for guests to adjust the room through a targeted Sleep Mode, which automatically sets up the FreshBed and the entire room, from the tablet for every aspect of a perfect night’s sleep. Similar to the INTELITY platform’s room controls capabilities to regulate in-room temperature, entertainment, and lighting controls from smart room tablets at RH Guesthouse, the FreshBed integration offers dual temperature regulation for couples traveling together, so both guests can get a good night’s sleep.

“INTELITY has had a well-known position on health, safety, and wellness of hotel guests for years. With the partnership between FreshBed and INTELITY, hotel guests looking to take their sleep environment a step further will now be able to do so,” said Robert Stevenson, INTELITY CEO. “Technology helps drive the future, and we are constantly looking to elevate our platform with the most innovative products on the market to enhance our customers’ offerings. Partnering with tech innovators like Barry is a perfect way to do just that.”

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About FreshBed

Based in the Netherlands, FreshBed is a revolutionary sleep system that provides a personalized, thermo-regulated microclimate. Individual temperature settings, silent active featherlight airflow and air purification via a medical-grade HEPA-13 filter ensure fresh, clean and hypoallergenic sleep. The Swiss-engineered FreshBed ergonomic mattress is handcrafted for a night-changing experience. For more information, visit