The Next Generation

R5 is our new cloud-based INTELITY platform, created to manage guest and resident services and back-of-house operations, all on one platform.

The completely reimagined platform offers a range of new features to serve, track, and manage your guests’ needs, all while decreasing administrative tasks and providing your staff with the information they need.

1-Click Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-in, but with Magic!

Check-in should be as painless as possible. As part of our full-flow mobile check-in, guests are sent a unique link that opens your app directly to their upcoming reservation and miles closer to being checked in.

With 1-Click Mobile Check-In, guests can skip the front desk and the rigamarole of account creation and reservation codes and get on with their stay.

ID Capture & Verification

Know Your Guests Better

Need your guest’s ID on file as part of your check-in flow? No problem. With ID capture, guests can use their phone’s camera to take a photo of their ID and submit it directly through your app to your supported PMS.

If you require an even higher level of security, ID verification is an available configuration for our mobile check-in flow. Guests submit a photo of their ID and a selfie through the mobile app as part of the check-in process. Those photos are then sent—via integration with our partners at Incode—through an end-to-end identity platform that leverages sophisticated machine learning to confirm ID authenticity and whether or not the person on the ID is the same as in the selfie.

Shared Key

Open the Doors to Guest Access

Just like handing them a keycard, Shared Key lets your guests share access to their room with other guests on the reservation. The original guest triggers a message through the Mobile App that allows other guests with the property’s app to access their own copy of their Mobile Key.

Keys are monitored and can be easily revoked or reset by either the guest or your staff, ensuring room access stays in the right hands.

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