Circa Resort & Casino: Where Vintage Vegas Hospitality Meets Cutting-Edge Contactless Technology to Create a Personalized Guest Experience

Chief Information Officer Paul Ballard shares how an innovative digital platform brings a modern “wow” factor to a new resort and casino designed around vintage Las Vegas glamour and personalized customer experience.

Circa Resort & Casino was happy to avoid the old days of hospitality, when phone lines were tied up by service requests and clunky compendiums accumulated outdated information. With the adoption of mobile check-in capability as well as smart room tablets, the resort has been able to customize messaging and promotions for special events and groups, providing unique opportunities to personalize guest experiences, and connecting the hotel with the casino floor and the sportsbook. These digital solutions have elevated guest satisfaction and guests can’t get enough of the smart-room tablets.

“Technology is a key part of the resort experience we’re creating,” says Ballard. “The guests we attract are tech-savvy and looking for more than a typical hotel stay. By implementing mobile check-in and smart-room tablets, we’re ensuring they have 24/7 access to everything they need to create luxurious, memorable Vegas experiences—whether they’re in their room, at the pool, or on the casino floor.”

Though COVID concerns and staff shortages persist industry wide, at Circa, mobile check-in, mobile key, and in-room tablets continue to provide a contactless, full-flow digital experience for resort guests. They can skip the front desk and check in directly from their smartphone, use the tablets to order mobile dining, make reservations for various resort services and amenities, stream music, and of course request contactless service. All this creates a holistic digital experience that takes unnecessary pressure off the staff while elevating the luxury experience for guests at every step.

Beyond efficiency and safety concerns, Ballard shared with us that one of the highlights of their INTELITY tech is its impact on the bottom line. “The tablet has significantly reduced costs for the hotel because we didn’t have to put a paper compendium in the rooms. We also saved a significant amount because we didn’t have to purchase phones for the rooms. We worked with INTELITY to incorporate a softphone through the tablet. The tablets are a win-win for guests, staff, and property.”

Overall, the reduced costs for the room, the “wow factor” of cutting-edge smart tech, and the holistic nature of the INTELITY platform impresses guests and provides consistent benefits to the property.

“Circa is one of the hottest resorts here in Vegas,” said Benjamin Keller, INTELITY SVP of sales. “It’s been exciting to roll-out the INTELITY platform with the Circa team. They’ve done a nice job in not only using the core features but helping us innovate along the way.”

Circa Resort & Casino opened last autumn with six temperature-controlled pools, the largest sportsbook in the world, and extensive contactless services for guests. For anyone wanting an authentic Vegas experience, they know how to bring glamour and luxury while offering everything the modern, tech-savvy guest could want, and more!

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