Dream Hollywood Hotel General Manager Vaughn Davis joins INTELITY’s Matthew Lynch for a lively discussion moderated by BLLA’s Ariela Kiradjian on technology as the new luxury.

What is Inside the Industry?

We wanted to create a video series to help educate, grow, and promote the use of technology within hospitality. And who better to discuss these topics with than hoteliers themselves?

Join us, as we bring together industry insiders, influential hoteliers, and some of our customers for a series of discussions on the state of technology in guest experience and hospitality.

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The Effectiveness of Tablet Automation

INTELITY CEO Robert Stevenson recently joined Perry Lane Hotel Manager Drew Dutoit for a lively discussion during Inside the Industry, a live video session moderated by Alan Young of Puzzle Partner Ltd. During this session, Stevenson and Dutoit discuss how tablet automation elevates the guest experience while also streamlining back-of-house operations. Dutoit also explains how ease-of-use is the new luxury for hotel guests.
INTELITY webinar post-covid guest experience contactless tech

Contactless Tech’s Role in the New Guest Experience

Over the last year, tech has become more essential than ever to the success of the hospitality industry. Besides a PMS, POS, and ticketing solution, many properties are adopting guest tech and staff solutions. With so many options available, the opportunities are endless—but so are the pitfalls. Discover how to avoid common integration mistakes and find tech partners that can truly meet your property’s needs.