From the Guests Perspective: Top Ten Instagram Posts Featuring Intelity Technology

Sometimes a story is best told through pictures. Guests have come to expect technology in hotels and get excited when technology makes their stay easier – whether it be with mobile check-in and check out, messaging, mobile service requests, or room controls. For our Inteliversary, we rounded up the top Instagram posts featuring INTELITY products at our #INTELITYHotelPartners.


What my morning started with at @esquarehotel

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This nice guy insisted in carrying my tiny backpack up to my room and showed me how to control lights, blinds and bed massage (!) with the touch display. #stilldidntgetit #teampixel

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Tea service in bed. Perfect for a 6 degree morning and after a 20hr flight ✈??#London

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우리가 3박을 보낼 #peninsulahotel . #사진으로본것보다더이뻐 #ws_hongkong #승여사네

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At the Woodlands Resort, you can walk onto your balcony with your in-room tablet and enjoy the beauty of nature while still having room service at the touch of a finger.

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Thanks to modern technology, hotel requests can be made at the push of a button, like with this @RanchoBernardoInn app. Hard to imagine life before the convenience of smartphones.

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Lazy dog ? in a king size bed

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“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” — Cloud Atlas #travel #denver

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Tip of the day: Our Garden Suite features it’s very own Herbs Garden ? #thechatwalny #theluxurycollection

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