Technology Helps Hotels Reach Guests On Mobile Devices


Hotel marketing is making a shift to focus on mobile apps, social media, and digital tools to reach customers. Adding mobile access to the mix reinforces the need for a guest to download a mobile hotel app and interact from their smartphones, enhancing revenue opportunities for the property. Devices are creating experiences for guests, said David Adelson, CEO of Intelity. “Mobile devices make sure guest requests are fulfilled and flawless,” he said.

Platform technology enables guest requests and touchpoints, such as in-room controls, to have one central data warehouse, which feeds out to all other digital channels, Adelson said. This creates a hotel work-flow process is immediate and direct. This offers benefits to the guest by allowing the guests to plan their stay before they even arrive on the property.

Not many hotels are using beacon technology and push notifications yet but it is a great way to market to those special guests, said Douglas Rice, executive vice president and CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation. Some hotels provide access to Wi-Fi via a social media log-in and then hotels can gather information about the guest to better market to them.