INTELITY and KEYPR to Merge, Accelerating Growth and Scale in the Hospitality Technology Sector


Merger of two industry-leading companies combines technical knowledge, customer relationships, and complementary product set.

INTELITY, the leading integrated mobile and in-room technology provider for the global travel industry, and KEYPR, an enterprise provider of cloud-based guest experience and management solutions to hotels, casinos, and luxury residences, today announced at HITEC a planned merger between the two companies.

The merger between INTELITY and KEYPR will bring a strong product line and a talented, global workforce that will significantly strengthen the group’s expertise in hotel mobile and in-room technologies. With over fifteen years of combined expertise and hundreds of thousands of guest rooms served, this consolidation is a huge step forward for hospitality technology. Together, the merged companies become the single largest, most mature enterprise platform available within the travel industry covering all touch points of the hotel guest and employee journey.

Branded as INTELITY, the combined company will be by far the broadest, most deeply integrated, comprehensive hospitality platform on the market. The expected result in revenue synergies and combined platform offering creates a massive separation from the next closest competitors in the segment.

“After recently celebrating INTELITY’s 10th Anniversary, this important and strategic merger will strengthen Intelity’s position in the hospitality sector and accelerate our move into this and other key markets,” said David Adelson, President and CEO of INTELITY. “With many hotel companies at a crossroads in their mobile and in-room technology strategies, and the technology provider landscape fragmented, INTELITY and KEYPR are committed to playing a key role in partnering with the hotel industry to address its challenges. The combination of KEYPR’s expertise and exceptional solutions with Intelity’s scale and global reach will enable us to deliver a comprehensive set of integrated high-value solutions and services to the hotel and adjacent industries.”

“With such high fragmentation in the hospitality segment, this merger with INTELITY is great news for the growth of our platform and our customers,” said Robert Stevenson, CEO of KEYPR. “Over the past 4 years, we have built a massively successful business and have established KEYPR as by far the lead upcoming player in the industry. By merging with INTELITY’s incredible depth and market penetration, we will have by far the most robust platform to take that success to the next level and offer increased value to our combined customers.”

Some of the immediate, advanced offerings available include:

  • The Complete Guest Mobile Journey
    • Check-in, digital key, guest services, digital concierge, in-app chat
    • Available through Native iOS and Android Platforms, plus Mobile Web
  • The Complete In-Room Solution
    • Customizable tablets for limited and full-service properties
    • Seamless TV casting from a guest’s mobile device or in-room tablet
    • Voice Activated Guest Rooms using Alexa and Google Assistant
  • The Complete Messaging Chat Solution
    • In-app chat available on mobile and in-room Tablets
    • Guest Text, SMS, Social available to communicate with hotel staff
  • The Complete Integrated Solution
    • Over 100 certified, secure, discreet Integrations with 3rd party vendors
    • API available for existing hotel or enterprise brand-wide guest apps, for functionality including structured service requests or chat
  • The Complete Staff Management System
    • Staff-facing operations dashboard (desktop and mobile)
    • Superior real-time content controls
    • Immersive business intelligence
    • Guest-to-Staff, Staff-to-Staff request fulfillment
    • Robust marketing and advertising functionality

Visit the INTELITY website to view the complete platform.