Circa Casino Resort Mobile Check-In, In-Room Tablets

Vegas’s First Adults-Only Resort to Deliver Digital Capabilities with Mobile Check-In, In-Room Tablets


Circa Resort & Casino, opening later this year, will pair vintage Vegas hospitality with cutting-edge contactless technology to “wow” both guests and players alike

INTELITY®, the leader in contactless guest experiences for the hospitality industry, announced today a new deal with Circa Resort & Casino to provide mobile check-in and mobile key, as well as deploy a fleet of 10” luxury tablets that will enable contactless service and give guests unprecedented digital control over their stays. Set to open in late 2020, the Circa Resort & Casino will pay tribute to both the history and future of Las Vegas by combining this transformative technology with old-fashioned glamour.

“Technology is a key part of the resort experience we’re creating,” remarked Paul Ballard, Chief Information Officer at Circa Resort & Casino. “The guests we want to attract are tech-savvy and looking for more than a typical hotel stay. By implementing mobile check-in and in-room tablets, we’re ensuring they have 24/7 access to everything they need to create luxurious, memorable Vegas experiences—whether they’re in their room, at the pool, or on the casino floor.”

Mobile check-in, mobile key, and in-room tablets will create a convenient and contactless, full-flow digital experience for resort guests. Not only will guests be able to skip the front desk and check in directly from their smartphone, they’ll also be able to use the tablets to order mobile dining, make reservations for various resort services and amenities, stream music, and of course request contactless service. Then, when it’s time to check out, they can view their folio and simply exit the way they came in—with just a few simple taps on their phone.

“This is an entirely new type of casino-resort and it’s going to deliver a new type of guest experience,” said Benjamin Keller, SVP of Sales at INTELITY. “Gone are the days of calling in service requests and flipping through tired, printed compendiums that are a risk from a health and safety standpoint. Instead, guests have effortless, advanced digital capabilities at their fingertips throughout their entire stay–both on property and off.”

The resort will also be able to customize messaging and promotions for special events and groups, providing unique opportunities to personalize guest experiences and connect the hotel with the casino floor and the sportsbook, driving both revenue and satisfaction. And as health concerns remain in play, the communication and contactless capabilities offered by the INTELITY platform will enable an effective safety strategy to protect guests and staff.

“Circa Resort & Casino is the most exciting property opening in Las Vegas this year. The resort itself is one-of-a-kind and we’re thrilled to partner with them to help take service to the next level,” said Robert Stevenson, INTELITY CEO. “In the COVID-19 era, safety and luxury are the two top commodities—and by deploying the INTELITY platform, Circa Resort & Casino will be able to provide both at the highest standards available in the industry.”

Circa Resort & Casino will officially open on October 28, with 6 temperature-controlled pools, the largest sportsbook in the world, and extensive contactless services for guests. To find out more about how mobile and in-room technology can provide low-touch, high-quality service to guests, request a demo.