Conrad Indianapolis Launches INTELITY’s Guest Service Platform to Great Success

The downtown, luxury Indianapolis hotel sees its numbers of engagements, clicks, requests, and orders soar after launching Intelity’s guest service platform.

Intelity, the leading integrated mobile and in-room technology provider for the global travel industry, has announced its full guest service platform is now live at the luxurious Conrad Indianapolis hotel.

The award-winning hotel, located just a three-minute covered walk from the downtown Indianapolis Convention Center, launched the Intelity Guest Service Platform, which includes in-room tablets, and Intelity’s staff-facing service management system along with Conrad Concierge through the Hilton Honors mobile app.

Intelity’s in-room tablets were introduced in June of this year, and the results have been incredible. The property’s goal was to provide a simple way for guests to interact with dining menus, facilitate orders, and in turn, increase revenue while still maintaining staff performance and capacity. In just three months, digital dining orders increased by an astonishing 444 percent, a clear indication that guests are responding well to the tablets. In addition to the increased orders, the Conrad Indianapolis has also experienced an average in-room dining check increase of almost 15 percent.

intelity guest service technology launches at conrad indianapolis

“We wanted to make it more convenient for our guests to order in-room dining, make service requests, and otherwise communicate with our team using smart technology, which is why we introduced Intelity’s bedside tablet,” said Maria Alviz, Public Relations and Marketing Manager for the Conrad Indianapolis. “It’s important for us to be able to track our guests’ needs in order to better service them, and this tool lets us do just that. Through high usage, we are really learning about our guests.”

Alvis said that being able to track engagement, average check, top-selling meal items, clicks, orders, and requests provides insight into what guests need and are most focused on, which in turn helps management make more informed decisions about their menu and pricing.

In addition to placing in-room dining orders, guests use the customized Intelity in-room tablets to access hotel information and create service requests. “The fact that guests can see the menu and make an instant order, rather than having to pick up the phone,” she said, “makes the process easier and less stressful for our guests. It also lowers the risk of human error when taking in-room dining orders. Further, it streamlines all of our orders for our staff by 80 percent.”

“Our team makes sure guests are aware of the system and how to use it so that they are really taking advantage of its features. It’s proven to be convenient for them to make any type of request without having to flip through a paper directory. This has saved our property thousands of dollars of unnecessary expense in creating and reprinting our in-room collateral. With Intelity’s tablets, our room service menus and hotel information are never outdated.”

Not only has guest feedback been very positive, but the hotel’s staff and management also report being happy with the new system. “Management is pleased that we brought in Intelity,” said Alvis. “We look forward to incorporating this technology into all our rooms to continue improving our guests’ experiences.”

Intelity is merging with KEYPR, the enterprise provider of cloud-based guest experience and management solutions to hotels, casinos, and luxury residences. The new company, branded as Intelity, touches all points of the hotel guest and employee journey and is, by far, the largest and most deeply integrated, comprehensive hospitality platform on the global market.


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