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HITEC 2022 Roundup

At the HITEC Orlando 2022 trade show, the Lodging Magazine team stopped by the INTELITY booth to speak with INTELITY’s CEO, Robert Stevenson.

Robert Stevenson Hi, I’m Robert Stevenson . I’m the CEO of INTELITY and we’re here at HITEC. This is the 50th anniversary of HITEC. Unbelievable. It’s been 50 years of hotel technology. You go back and you think, what were we doing 50 years ago? To what we’re doing today? Really amazing amount of change in 5 decades. I’m excited to be here. This is INTELITY. We do guest experience. Our platform is widely used. Sixty countries, all kinds of hotels, small brands, independent resorts, boutiques, casinos and so on and so forth. We really focus a lot on mobility and delivering a great mobile guest experience inbound check in all the kinds of different flows. ID no ID known guests not known guests card on file, not card, not on. File all the permutations. Digital key sharing, a digital key room upgrade. All of those kinds of things. Those have a great in room experience. So basically everywhere the guests could possibly be connecting them and providing them a really slick digital experience really great for upscale properties, luxury properties, but also a lot of mid scale properties. They’re upping their game and trying to play the same. Same zone as a Marriott BONVOY or Hilton honors type of program. So super excited to be here. We’ve announced the 5th generation of our platform not only rated to 50 years of HITEC, but it is our fifth generation platform. It’s got a bunch of new features in it, deep linking, open mobile, connect all kinds of cool stuff. Check it out. Come to Come down. See you guys at the show.
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