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Why Clients Should Be Excited About INTELITY R5

During the HITEC Orlando 2022 trade show, the Hospitality Upgrade team stopped by the INTELITY booth to speak with INTELITY’s SVP of Sales, Benjamin Keller.

Benjamin Keller R5 is a consolidation of all of our platforms into one, R5. We had a disparity in systems and content management front end, back end. It’s a consolidation of all of those in the one and really making it easier for all of our different partners out there, whether you’re opera, whether you’re in forward, really consolidate. All of that into one platform. The reason incode is so important is we really touched the entire guest experience. Everything from the mobile check in to the mobile key missing piece there. It’s not only just the credit card tokenization, but it’s also how we verify that the person that’s checking in is the same person on the reservation. So with incode being able to match the ID to the picture of the person that’s actually checking in. It’s very important in hospitality, especially for things like chargebacks and other types of problems that could happen. You know Grations, right, this hospitality, you look around this conference, there are companies everywhere. So it’s very important not only to integrate to 1 vendor but integrate. 60 different property management systems, 15 different point of sale systems and a variety of ticketing systems as well. Checklist right? It was such a buzzword during the pandemic. Everyone contactless, contactless, contactless. However, what we’ve seen more importantly in the last 12 months is staffing as well. So our biggest challenge and our biggest goal as a company, right is not only allow the guests a very seamless experience, but also have the staff right make less steps during their day-to-day jobs and really. For us, contactless touchless technology in general, I think obviously is already fast forwarded. A COVID fast forwarded hospitality, probably about five years. It wasn’t for COVID it would be five years in the rear. So for us, when it comes down to technology and hospitality, it’s only to keep going forward. And I’ve sat on many conferences where, you know, some of the major players out there, the Hiltons, the merits of the world. They said, hey, in five to seven years, the only way to open your door is going to be by your room key and our biggest thing is how do you actually make that as seamless for the guests as possible, doing things like tying that mobile key to Apple Wallet, doing things like allowing the guests to have a true shared key model. OK hey, I’m the primary guest holder. I can then share it to my wife or myself. So for us we have the kind of the base platform there on the mobile and the tablets. So how do you actually innovate that to make it easier for the guests? A lot of times for us as INTELITY, we listen to our clients that really kind of what drives our road map, we’re seeing that whether it be on our mobile product or on our in-room product. And one of the things that is pretty innovative on top of in room controls, on top of service requests, on top of FMB is actually putting the phone on the tablets, already a central point in the room. How do you make it more valuable? It’s a lot of our clients like Circa Resort. A lot of our clients like Equinox. So I say, hey, you have everything but the phone on the tablet. We’ve done that so literally as a guest in the hotel, you can actually press the quick key to housekeeping for tower requests and press a quick key for the front desk. Really allow that tablet to be that good point in the room.
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