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HITEC 2023 Toronto Express Video

Before the HITEC Toronto 2023 trade show, Hospitality Net asked INTELITY’s Senior VP of Sales & General Manager of Customer Relations, Benjamin Keller, what INTELITY news will be presented at the show.

Benjamin Keller Hi, I’m Benjamin Keller, Senior Vice President of Sales here at INTELITY. At INTELITY, we provide technology to hospitality across the entire world, everything from mobile check-in to key. In-room tablets and our back-end ticketing solution, as well. Yeah, that’s gonna be a great show for us this year. We have a lot of new things coming out. I know a few things I’ll talk about here today, one of the major things that we’re releasing is a more enhanced API or SDK. A lot of our properties out there, you may have their own app. You may have their own content and they want to integrate mobile check-in and key services too. So our mobile API and SDK is definitely something that we’ll be displaying there at HITECH and showing to everyone. That comes by the other kind of key component of what we’re showing on INTELITY is truly the launch of R5. We announced R5 about a year ago or so, and now it’s fully deployed. It’s in a lot of hotels, hotel casinos across the world. We’ll be showing some of the new features of the R5 platform. Things like shared key, things like up-selling and various other components of R5 which we’re very excited just to show everybody at HITEC. The kind of other big announcement that we’re having here at HITEC is our new P11 in-room tablets. Some of our tablet customers have been on some of our hardware for quite some time now and it’s a great time to refresh here coming into the fall into the spring of 2024 of our new P11 Lenovo TAP. This is it’s a little bit bigger, it’s sleeker, it’s fast, it’s quicker and more importantly a new user experience, a new UI, which we’ll be displaying here at HITEC in Toronto. What makes INTELITY unique? What’s something that really sticks out about INTELITY as a platform? And you know, really some of you, most of you know, I’ve been in the market now for about 15 years or so, deploying mobile key, deploying check in, deploying in room tablets. What makes us unique is on top of all the functionality we have, which is, you know, thousands and thousands and thousands of features. It really comes down to really two major components. The first one, right, is just the depth of integrations. A lot of companies out there say they have, you know, 300 integrations. We have a lot of integrations, but definitely integration is very key. Good example is we talked about mobile check-in and key. Well, hey, does it capture the photo of the person coming in and send it to the property management system? Does it do things like shared key? Will it capture credit cards and tokenize that to the property management system? So for us, the depth of integration is something really unique. On top of that, the configurability of the platform. We know every hotel in the world operates a little bit different. Some operate way on one side, others on the other side, we’re really able to configure our platform to what makes sense for the hotel is that’s something to in the integrations and the configurability is something that really makes internally unique out there. In the marketplace. So which properties are a good fit for INTELITY? We have about 4000 properties across the world, everywhere from 6:00 rooms up to three. Limited service. Full service you name it. So for us we really target, right. We generally of the hospitality space and when it comes to you know where we install at who we sell to. So for us, as long as you have a front desk, if you have a restaurant that’s either on site or off, if you have. 0 entities. Or you have. You know 25 on site. Again we can configure the platform and really make it beneficial and useful to you know every every vertical within hospitality. So if you’d like to learn more about INTELITY and we have about 10 reps here in the states, we have obviously reps in the national as well. Number one, feel free if you want to come to HITEC stop by the booth #2106 there at HITEC. Also feel free to e-mail us at or reach out to me. Directly I’m on LinkedIn and all the social media, so looking forward to a great show and thank you for having me.

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