Why Your Hotel Should Include Mobile Check-In

Give your guests the self-service check-in experience they expect

Today’s travelers prefer to use self-service technology to streamline their travels. It’s no surprise that guests are more satisfied with hotels that are mobile-friendly, according to a recent study by J.D. Power and Associates. Another study conducted recently by Oracle shows that 90 percent of hotel executives believe that the guest experience could be improved by giving guests the ability to use mobile devices to manage the check-in and check-out processes.

Travelers are now reliant upon their mobile devices to check-in for a flight, catch a ride, and order from their favorite restaurants. They want to have this same convenience when checking into their hotel. Rather than waiting in line at the front desk, today’s travelers want a simple process that allows them to go directly to their room.

benefits of mobile check-in and why guests want it

A study from Software Advice shows that 60 percent of guests will choose a hotel that allows them to check-in and access their guestroom with their mobile device over one that doesn’t. Another study by J.D. Power indicates that guests who can take advantage of mobile check-in/out have higher levels of satisfaction than those using traditional plastic room keys that are easily lost.

Providing mobile check-in services not only benefits your guests, but it is also good for your daily operations. It streamlines your check-in process, reduces front desk friction, and allows front desk employees to spend more time assisting guests, which leads to more personalized guest service. Providing a streamlined, easy check-in process not only enhances the guest experience but it also frees up staff time to focus on delivering the next level of service.

There are additional forward-looking functions that can be implemented along with mobile check-in to further streamline the check-in process. Incorporating features like mobile ID authentication and mobile payment allows guests to have a completely digital,  “Uber-like,” experience with your property and give them the opportunity to engage through the channel they’re more comfortable with.

Being able to scan and verify a guest’s ID remotely means you have all the information you need to confirm a reservation or process payment and eliminates the risk of incorrect manual keystroke entries. These features can also assist in bridging language barriers between your hotel staff and foreign travelers and providing those travelers with the same easy check-in process your other guests’ experience.

Incorporating mobile key functionality at your property is the next step in creating a completely mobile check-in process. Using a smartphone to unlock the guest room door is quick, easy, and efficient. By offering keyless entry at your property, you eliminate the need for guests to spend time at the front desk picking up their room key, which can be lost or fail and require them to backtrack to the front desk.

Offering a streamlined mobile check-in process immediately gives your guests the ease and convenience they’ve come to expect from other sectors of the travel industry and automatically elevates their experience at your property.

Interested in learning more about how you can give guests access to the self-service options they crave, eliminate their time at the front desk, and enhance your guest experience with mobile technology? Contact the hospitality technology experts at INTELITY® to schedule a demo of our multi-point platform.

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