intelity in-room tablet

Intelity Introduces World’s First Tablet for the Full- and Limited-Service Hospitality Segments


A new complete in-room tablet solution for the entire hospitality industry has been released by the first company to install touchscreen tablets in hotel rooms for guest services.

Hospitality technology innovator Intelity today announces the release of a new in-room tablet that delivers the perfect combination of hardware and software to match the in-room guest service needs of the entire hospitality industry. Intelity, the leading provider of hotel room technology, developed this tablet through years of feedback from global clients.

Intelity CEO and President David Adelson said, “We’ve capitalized on our company’s wealth of experience in delivering the number one in-room guest engagement tablet software to a diverse portfolio of global hotel and cruise ship partners. This tablet is the premier piece of hardware for any hospitality business looking to provide the kind of service and convenience that today’s guests expect.”

More Than a Luxury

With 70% of travelers stating that the quality of a hotel’s digital tools, including in-room tablets and apps, has an impact on booking decisions, the hospitality industry has increasingly prioritized investing in expanded technology.

The availability of this tablet marks a new opportunity for full- and select-service market segments to take advantage of more affordable hardware options in order to modernize rooms.

“Through developments to tablet technology, we’re able to offer a bedside model with a high level of quality, but at a fraction of the cost,” Adelson said. “It’s now reasonable for any hotel to offer a modern guestroom environment with our rich, immersive platform and still remain within an allocated budget.”

Sleek Design and Powerful Performance

The Intelity Tablet is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core processor and is WiFi compatible, allowing hotel partners ease of installation and connectivity without overhead costs of wiring and infrastructure. Sufficient memory is available with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of embedded eMMC storage.

Guests can enjoy high-definition viewing of rich web and multimedia content with the 8-inch IPS 1280×800 display.

The tablet does not sacrifice visual appeal for functionality, though, boasting a stylish black bezel exterior with non-slip, protective casing to minimize external damage. Continuous charging of the tablet battery is enabled when the device is resting in the detachable base station. Magnetic contact secures placement in the stand and enables charging when the tablet is not in use by the guest.

Superior Guest Experience

The Intelity in-room tablet will come pre-installed with Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) platform as the primary operating system, providing exciting features for both guests and staff.

A branded interface presents an easy-to-navigate menu of information and services selected by hotel management, such as room service ordering, transportation information, and check-out requests with the option to view the guest folio.

“Our in-room tablets have long been one of our most popular solutions, and our clients generally see usage upwards of 85%,” Adelson said. “It’s a strong investment with significant ROI for hotels looking to be more proactive in communicating with and marketing to onsite guests.”

Back-End Benefits

All guest requests are instantly registered in a back-end system known as the ICE Control System, a collection of operational tools that manages the guest-facing interface.

This system provides capabilities such as digital content management, complete ticketing solution, direct guest marketing, messaging, and access to analytics about guest usage and staff performance.

State-of-the-art APIs also allow for complete integration between the ICE Control System and other hotel management systems, such as property management, point-of-sale, restaurant, and ticketing, to facilitate the transfer of important guest data.

Intelity CEO & President David Adelson said, “By uniting this tablet with our software, we are able to present an in-room solution to all hotel market segments, truly the first of its kind. No other options available to the market today meet this level of functionality on both the front and back end. We look forward to helping even more hotel partners take guest service to a new level.”

The Intelity Tablet is available worldwide from Q3 2016 with customized, competitive pricing packages to match the needs of any hospitality business.